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This section gives details of our in stock limited edition models and progress on our forthcoming limited editions. Please click on the images to see more information and to place pre-orders or to purchase. Updates will also be announced in our weekly newsletter here.

Exclusive Limited Editions - OO Gauge

 32-816Z Bachmann Class 37 The Sapper Image

32-816Z Bachmann Class 47 Diesel Loco 47 306 "The Sapper" Railfreight Distribution, weathered...£159.99

DCC Fitted...£179.99  

DCC Sound Fitted...£259.99

Class 47 31-650Q Bachmann Class 47 Diesel Loco 47 829 Police...£129.99  

DCC Fitted...£149.99  

DCC Sound Fitted...£229.99
Class 47 31-651Z Bachmann Class 47 Diesel Loco 47 973 "Midland Counties Railway 150 1839 - 1989" Midland Counties Maroon...£129.99  

DCC Fitted...£149.99  

DCC Sound Fitted...£229.99
31-653Z Bachmann Class 47 Image 31-653Z Bachmann Class 47 Diesel Loco 47 706 ScotRail NSE branding, weathered...£135.99  

DCC Fitted...£152.99  

DCC Sound Fitted...£219.99
31-657Z Bachmann Class 47 NSE Image 31-657Z Bachmann Class 47 Diesel Loco 47 701 "Old Oak Common" Revised NSE...£159.99  

DCC Fitted...£179.99  

DCC Sound Fitted...£259.99
31-662Z Bachmann Class 47/4 Sir Gwynedd Image 31-662Z Bachmann Class 47/4 Diesel Loco 47 537 "Sir Gwynnedd/County of Gwynedd", weathered...£189.95

DCC Sound Fitted...£274.95
32-066Z Bachmann Class 43 Sprightly Image 32-066Z Bachmann Class 43 Warship Diesel Locomotive No. D845 "Sprightly" BR Green small yellow panel...£139.95  

DCC Fitted...£156.99
32-135X Bachmann Class 4575 Steam Loco Image 32-135X Bachmann Class 4575 Prairie Tank Steam Locomotive No. 5541 BR Green Late Crest, weathered...£99.99 O2   Adams LSWR O2 Steam Locomotives
4-TC Images 4-TC Units...£269.95 32-727W Bachmann Class 66 Image 32-727W Bachmann Class 66 Diesel Loco 66 709 "Sorrento" GBRf...£127.95   

DCC Fitted...£143.95   

DCC Sound Fitted...£209.99
Class 57 32-762Z Bachmann Class 57 Diesel Loco 57 305 Network Rail known as "Sand Castle"...£134.95   

DCC Fitted...£149.95  

DCC Sound Fitted...£214.99
 32-780U Bachmann Class 37 DRS Image 32-780U Bachmann Class 37 Diesel Loco 37 261 DRS...£119.99   

DCC Fitted...£139.99  

DCC Sound Fitted...£219.99
 Class 150 32-935X Bachmann Class 150/2 2 Car DMU 150 216 First Great Western Purple...£189.95  Wagon 33-300W Bachmann 20 Ton Toad Brake Van ZTO DW35377 BR Departmental Green with "FOR USE OF CIVIL ENGINEERING DEPT ONLY RETURN TO WORCESTER" branding...£16.99
Wagon 33-300Y Bachmann 20 Ton Toad Brake Van W68366 BR Grey with "Gwinear Road To work between Gwinear Road and Helston" branding...£15.99 Wagon 33-825X Bachmann 25 Ton Queen Mary Brake Van No. ADS56289 in BR Engineers Grey...£19.99 33-825Y Bachmann 25 Ton Queen Mary Brake Van No. LDS56293 in BR Bauxite with "Electrification" branding...£19.99
Wagon 37-238Z Bachmann 16 Ton Steel Mineral Wagon Triple Pack, weathered...£59.99     Seacow 38-131Z Bachmann 40 Ton Seacow YGB Bogie Hopper Wagon DB982608 Departmental Dutch Civil Engineers, weathered...£45.95
Seacow 38-132Z Bachmann 40 Ton Seacow YGB Bogie Hopper Wagon DB982790 EWS, weathered...£45.95 Serco 38-140W Bachmann 29 Tonne ZXA (ex VDA) Sliding Door Box Van ADC201055 Serco...£27.95    
38-326Z Bachmann Guildford Wagon Image 38-326Z Bachmann High Sided Steel Wagon DB479526 "S&T Cable Wagon Guildford" BR Bauxite, rusty weathered...£24.95 38-328Z Bachmann St Blazey Wagon Image 38-328Z Bachmann High Sided Steel Wagon ADE282721 branded "AME St Blazey Stores Wagon" BR Bauxite, rusty weathered...£24.95 38-140X Bachmann VDA Van St Blazey Image 38-140X Bachmann 29 Tonne VDA Sliding Door Box Van St Blazey…£24.95
Mk1 GUV Coach 39-273Z Bachmann BR Mk1 GUV Coach S86804 BR (SR) Green...£39.99  K2201 Class 1361 GWR Saddle Tank Image  1361 Class Saddle Tanks...£69.99  SP47  SP47 Oxford Diecast Land Rover Series 1 No. ECC 99 in English China Clay International livery...£4.99
 Fire Irons  K9001 Fire Iron Accessory Pack...£2.99  Bogie with wheels K9002 Bogie with wheels...£4.99  Scenecraft Various Bachmann Scenecraft Models
     R3675 Hornby Class 31 Diesel Image R3675 Hornby Class 31 Diesel Locomotive 97 204 BR Research...£169.99

DCC Sound Fitted...£289.99
 35-500Z Bachmann Class 117 3 Car DMU Image 35-500Z Bachmann Class 117 3 Car DMU B430 GW 150 Chocolate and Cream … £329.95
     35-525Z Bachmann Class 121 Single Car DMU Image 35-525Z Bachmann Class 121 Single Car DMU 120 in GW 150 Chocolate and Cream... £164.99 Warship D6xx North British Warships...£179.99
PBA TIGER PBA TIGER China Clay Wagon in ECC International blue, pristine...£44.99

SB002I    /    SB002J    /    SB002K    /    SB002L
Tiger Wagons JIA TIGER China Clay Wagon in ECC International blue, weathered...£49.99

SB002M    /    SB002N    /    SB002O    /    SB002P
ZAA Pike ZAA PIKE Open Wagon in Dutch Civil Engineer livery...£29.99

SB004A    /    SB004B    /    SB004C    /    SB004D
SPA Wagons SPA Open Wagon in BR Railfreight livery, weathered...£32.99

SB005A    /    SB005B    /    SB005C    /    SB005D
SPA Wagons SPA Open Wagon in EWS livery...£29.99

SB005E    /    SB005F    /    SB005G    /    SB005H
 YCV Turbot SB006N YCV Turbot Bogie Ballast Wagon Civil Engineers Dutch, weathered...£29.99 
 Cargowaggon IZA Cargowaggon from ...£99.99 for standard models and ...£104.99 for tail lamp fitted versions.  LSWR 10 Ton DUE JULY 2021

LSWR Road Van...£34.99
GWR Steam Railmotor
Ealnos Wagon   JNA-T Ealnos Box Wagon  JIA NACCO Clay Wagon Image JIA NACCO China Clay Wagon   PRA PRA 38 Tonne Covered Box Wagon in later grey with black underframes...£39.99

SB007C    /    SB007D

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Exclusive Limited Editions - N Gauge


The following models are currently in stock:


371-465Z Bachmann Class 37 William Cookworthy Image 374-130Z Bachmann Mk1 GUV Express Parcels Image China Clay 5 Plank
371-465Z Class 37 "William Cookworthy"...£129.95 374-130Z Mk1 GUV Parcels Express...£34.99 377-490Z China Clay Wagon Triple Pack...£46.99


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Exclusive Limited Editions - 0 Gauge

4853 Heljan Class 47 Diesel Locomotive number D1670 Mammoth Image

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