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LSWR Goods Brake Van - diagram 1541 - Road Van OO Gauge

We have commissioned the LSWR Road Van in OO Gauge as an exclusive model with the tooling owned by Kernow Model Rail Centre.

First introduced in 1886 they were later classed as SR Diagram 1541.  Almost 500 of these were built between then and 1905 making them the most numerous LSWR Goods Brake Van.  Brake Vans with side doors through which parcels or other goods could be loaded were known as road vans.

The prototype was laser scanned at the Isle of Wight Steam Railway at the same time that we scanned the Adams O2.  The model joins our growing portfolio of LSWR models and will be ideal for use with our Adams O2 model as we will be producing Mainland and Isle of Wight numbered vehicles.  The tooling will cater for the Mainland and Isle of Wight versions, with either straight or cranked step board supports and round or ribbed buffers.

This model was delayed by two previous suppliers.  We started working directly with the factory as a result of these delays and this is the final model that was caught in the backlog from that situation.  Now that the Bulleid Diesel and D600 Warship have been completed work moved on to the GWR Steam Railmotor and this Road Van. 

We are grateful for the assistance of Mike King and Graham Muspratt in the development of this model.

The models will be £34.99 each.  You can save £5 per wagon by paying in full at the time of placing your order.  If you do not wish to pay at the time of ordering, you will need to wait until the models arrive in the UK before you can place an order (There is the danger they may sell out before this).  If you placed an order prior to July 2018 you will be contacted directly about this in due course.

Below are some views of the cad: -

LSWR Road Van Cad Image LSWR Road Van CAD Image

Project Update - 28th August 2020 - engineering prototype received

We have received the first Engineering Prototype (EP) from the tooling for the much-anticipated ex LSWR / SR Diagram 1541 10T Road Van.

LSWR Road Van 1st EP Image

The CADs, based on a laser scan of the preserved example at the Isle of Wight steam railway, were approved for tooling earlier this year.

Graham Muspratt, the new Development Manager advised: “The first Engineering Prototype samples have been carefully evaluated and we are very pleased with how the EP has turned out. We are currently discussing directly with the factory a very small number of slight modifications before the next stage of livery samples can be produced. The production of the livery artwork is in progress.”

The pictures show the high level of detail and multitude of separately fitted parts including: flush glazing, hand rails, brake gear with pull rodding, step board and lamp irons to accurately portray a number of different versions of the prototype.

LSWR Road Van 1st EP Image

These options include alternative buffer shanks with a ribbed option as fitted to preserved No. 56046 on the Isle of Wight steam railway and either straight or cranked step board supports, the latter as fitted to the majority of those transferred in 1925 to the Isle of Wight.

In light of further research, a small number of the available versions have been changed with corrected running numbers and liveries as BR Bauxite would not be appropriate for the available options of this road van. See details of the ten versions to be produced below.

LSWR Road Van 1st EP Image

Any customer wishing to amend their pre-order due to these changes can contact us via our website or via telephone.  (The changes are shown below, only three versions are amended with BR Grey replacing BR Bauxite on SB003C and D, and BR Brown replacing BR Bauxite on SB003G.)

Note: the images show a version with a mix of the potential options and does not necessarily show an actual available version.

We will be producing the following variants: -



SB003A LSWR Road Van Image SB003A LSWR 10 Ton Goods Brake Van number 56046 in SR Brown livery with red ends.  (Isle of Wight) £34.99

SB003B LSWR Road Van Image SB003B LSWR 10 Ton Goods Brake Van number 10131 in LSWR Brown livery with red ends. (Mainland) £34.99

SB003C LSWR Road Van Image SB003C LSWR 10 Ton Goods Brake Van number DS 54538 in BR Grey (Was previously Bauxite) livery with "RETURN TO THREE BRIDGES" branding. (Mainland) £34.99



SB003D LSWR Road Van Image SB003D LSWR 10 Ton Goods Brake Van number S56055 in BR Grey (Was previously Bauxite) livery. (Isle of Wight) £34.99


SB003E LSWR Road Van Image SB003E LSWR 10 Ton Goods Brake Van number S56050 in BR Grey livery. (Isle of Wight) £34.99



SB003F LSWR Road Van Image SB003F LSWR 10 Ton Goods Brake Van number S54663 in BR Grey livery. (Mainland) £34.99



SB003G LSWR Road Van Image SB003G LSWR 10 Ton Goods Brake Van number S54466 in BR Brown (Was previously Bauxite) livery. (Mainland) £34.99

SB003H LSWR Road Van Image SB003H LSWR 10 Ton Goods Brake Van number 54611 in SR pre-1936 Brown livery with red ends. (Mainland) £34.99

SB003J LSWR Road Van Image SB003J LSWR 10 Ton Goods Brake Van number 54551 in SR post-1936 Brown livery. (Mainland) £34.99

SB003J LSWR Road Van Image SB003K LSWR 10 Ton Goods Brake Van number 56045 in SR post-1936 Brown livery. (Isle of Wight) £34.99