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KMRC Newsletter


Welcome to our newsletter Friday 15th September 2017

Good afternoon from all of us here at Kernow Model Rail Centre! Over the next week we are celebrating our 15 year anniversary of the shop opening! To help us celebrate we have 15 of our exclusive models with 15% off! You could celebrate further and get a glass of fizzy (other drinks available) to enjoy while reading the newsletter if you wanted... it is Friday after all! Plus - it was Sam's birthday on Tuesday and Emma's tomorrow - more reason to celebrate!

If you are a new subscriber to our weekly newsletter - WELCOME! If you are an existing subscriber - WELCOME BACK! For daily announcements please visit our Facebook page: Kernow Model Rail Centre, or follow us on Twitter: @kernowmodelrail.

OO Gauge News

New in this week with the J15, Q6 and BR Q1 having arrived today from Hornby:
Picture R3510 Hornby GWR HST 125 Train Pack - Limited Edition £246.99
Picture R3527 Hornby N15 King Arthur Class Steam Loco 742 "Camelot" SR Black £148.99
Picture R3530 Hornby J15 Class Steam Loco 65469 BR Black E/E £107.99
Picture R3531 Hornby M7 Class Steam Loco 30129 BR Black L/C £131.99
Picture R3541 Hornby Raven Q6 Class Steam Loco 2265 LNER Black £131.99
Picture R3559 Hornby Q1 Class Steam Loco C24 SR Black £93.99
Picture R3560 Hornby Q1 Class Steam Loco 33032 BR Black L/C £93.99

Not forgetting these buildings from Hornby Scenecraft:
Picture R9858 Hornby Skaledale The Sub-Post Office £24.99
Picture R9859 Hornby Skaledale The General Store £29.99
Picture R9860 Hornby Skaledale The Village Pub £34.99
Picture R9861 Hornby Skaledale The Fish & Chip Shop £24.99

Exclusive First Editions double decker in lovely primary colours:
Picture 38120 Exclusive First Editions Bristol VRT Double Decker Bus BR Plant and Machinery Training £31.95

Ride with Pride buses from Corgi:
Picture OM46618A Corgi New Routemaster Bus - 8 Bow Church Stagecoach £34.99
Picture OM46618B Corgi New Routemaster Bus - 15 Trafalgar Square Stagecoach £34.99

Oxford Rail Car Flat & a triple pack of 7 Plank Open Wagons:
Picture 76CAR001B Oxford Rail Car Flat B748735 BR Bauxite £26.95
Picture GV6013 Oxford Rail 7 Plank Open Wagon Triple Pack - BSC £26.99

All OO Gauge items that have arrived within the last 28 days are shown in the latest arrivals section of our website.

N Gauge News

Dapol Mk3 coaches - all four in the Grand Central livery this week:
Picture 2P-005-970 Dapol MK3 Buffet Coach 40424 Grand Central - HST £22.95
Picture 2P-005-980 Dapol Mk3 Trailer 1st Class Coach TF 41205 Grand Central - HST £22.95
Picture 2P-005-990 Dapol Mk3 Trailer Standard Class Coach TS 42404 Grand Central - HST £22.95
Picture 2P-005-991 Dapol Mk3 Trailer Standard Class Coach TS 42406 Grand Central - HST £22.95

Our friends Ben and Mike announced the launch of the APT-E model in N Gauge, with expressions of interest being sought! Click on the image below for more information:

All N Gauge items that have arrived within the last 28 days are shown in the latest arrivals section of our website.

Model Rail Offers News - OO Gauge

Special offer on this Model Rail Class 37! Usually priced at £125.95. Only a week remains at this price so be quick!:
Picture 32-775Y Bachmann Class 37 Diesel Loco 37 068 "Grainflow" Railfreight Distribution £105.00

Kernow Model Rail Centre Exclusive Limited Edition News - OO Gauge


These 15% off prices are only valid from today Friday 15th September 2017 until midnight (UK time) Monday 18th September 2017. We will follow this with 15 days of more special offers starting on Monday 18th September. Check our website at 15:15 on those days to find out what it is! (This is, of course, all dependent on Chris keeping an eye on the time!!)

First O2!:
Picture K2104 DJ Models 0-4-4T O2 Steam Loco 30225 BR Black L/C SAVING £19.00 £105.99

This box van is branded "RM&EE (WR) Stores Van Pool 8419 To Work Between BREL Swindon - TDM Bristol Days Road - Exeter Cripple Repair Yard - St Blazey Wagon Shop":
Picture 38-140X Bachmann 29 Tonne ex VDA Sliding Door Box Van ADC200666 BR Railfreight, weathered SAVING £4.96 £27.99

Mk1 or Mk2 - take your pick!:
Picture 39-273Z Bachmann BR Mk1 GUV Coach S86804 BR (SR) Green SAVING £6.75 £38.20
Picture 39-411Y Bachmann BR Mk2a BFK Brake 1st Corridor Coach ADB975654 BR SAVING £4.50 £25.49

Everyone needs a few brake vans don't they?!:
Picture 33-825X Bachmann 25 Ton Queen Mary Brake Van ADS56289 BR Engineers Grey SAVING £3.75 £21.20
Picture 33-825Y Bachmann 25 Ton Queen Mary Brake Van LDS56293 BR Bauxite "Electrification" branding SAVING £3.75 £21.20
Picture 37-537Y Bachmann 20 Ton Brake Van B954687 BR Bauxite, weathered SAVING £3.75 £21.20

Only counting this as one of the 15 but including all variants - aren't we nice!:
Picture 32-976Z Bachmann Class 66 Diesel Loco 66 418 debranded DRS Freightliner, weathered SAVING £26.25 £148.70
Picture 32-976ZDC Bachmann Class 66 Diesel Loco 66 418 debranded DRS Freightliner, weathered. DCC Fitted SAVING £29.25 £165.70
Picture 32-976ZDS Bachmann Class 66 Diesel Loco 66 418 debranded DRS Freightliner, weathered. DCC Sound Fitted SAVING £41.25 £233.70

As we did it with the Class 66 we can't leave the Mammoth variants out now can we:
Picture 31-650L Bachmann Class 47 Diesel Loco D1670 "Mammoth" BR Two Tone Green SAVING £22.50 £127.99
Picture 31-650LDC Bachmann Class 47 Diesel Loco D1670 "Mammoth" BR Two Tone Green. DCC Fitted SAVING £25.50 £144.49
Picture 31-650LDS Bachmann Class 47 Diesel Loco D1670 "Mammoth" BR Two Tone Green. DCC Sound Fitted SAVING £37.50 £212.49

They say things come in three's so best do this Class 37 variants also!:
Picture 32-384Z Bachmann Class 37 Diesel Loco 37 672 "Freight Transport Association" Railfreight Distribution SAVING £21.00 £118.99
Picture 32-384ZDC Bachmann Class 37 Diesel Loco 37 672 "Freight Transport Association" Railfreight Distribution. DCC Fitted SAVING £25.00 £139.99
Picture 32-384ZDS Bachmann Class 37 Diesel Loco 37 672 "Freight Transport Association" Railfreight Distribution. DCC Sound Fitted SAVING £37.50 £212.49

Weathered Dogfish in a pack of four:
Picture K4103 Heljan Dogfish Exclusive Pack of 4. BR Civil Engineers Dutch, weathered SAVING £15.00 £84.99

A few of our Scenecraft thrown in the mix:
Picture 44-011Z Bachmann Scenecraft LSWR Type 3 Signal Box SR decoration SAVING £7.00 £37.99
Picture 44-062Y Bachmann Scenecraft Single Track Stone Engine Shed - Helston SAVING £9.00 £50.99
Picture 44-120Z Bachmann Scenecraft SR Boom Water Column and Arm SAVING £3.45 £19.54

And last but not least... our Cornish Riviera Coach Pack for under £100! Whaaaaaaat?!
Picture 39-000G Bachmann Cornish Riviera Coach Pack SAVING £17.25 £97.74

See them all here!

UPDATE - 4-TC - OO Gauge

Our next units to arrive are the Premier Charter Blue and BR Research Department Red & Blue liveries. These were due in yesterday but due to a delay on the trunk haul they will not arrive until Monday - patience is  a virtue!:
Picture 32-644Z Bachmann Class 438 4-TC Unit 410 Premier Charter Blue £289.95
Picture 32-646Z Bachmann Class 438 4-TC Unit 8007 BR Research Department Red and Blue £289.95

In stock:
Picture 32-640Z Bachmann Class 491 4-TC Unit 416 BR Blue livery with small yellow warning panel £289.95

The last three liveries won't be too far behind!:
Picture 32-641Z Bachmann Class 491 4-TC Unit 404 BR Blue & Grey £289.95
Picture 32-642Z Bachmann Class 438 4-TC Unit 8022 BR Blue & Grey £289.95
Picture 32-643Z Bachmann Class 438 4-TC Unit 8023 Network SouthEast £289.95

Click here to visit the 4-TC dedicated page.

Newsletter Bargains

Each week we feature great models at a special price and, as a subscriber to our newsletter, you will get the first chance to buy. Our stock system is live so as soon as the last model is sold it will show out of stock. Please note that it will not necessarily be removed from the website immediately. See further details on our website by clicking on the images below:

Limited Edition Bachmann OO Gauge:
Picture 38-260Y Bachmann Delabole Slate Presflo Wagon Triple Pack BR Bauxite NOW £49.99

Hornby OO Gauge:
Picture R2670 Hornby Railroad GWR Steam Freight Train Pack. Contains 0-4-0 Steam Loco 104 GWR + 3 wagons SAVE £14.50 ON £44.49 NOW £29.99
Picture R3235 Hornby Class D16/3 Steam Loco 2524 BRITISH RAILWAYS SAVE £44.00 ON £109.99 NOW £65.99
Picture R3311 Hornby Schools Class Steam Loco 30908 "Westminster" BR E/E SAVE £40.00 ON £134.99 NOW £94.99
Picture R3327 Hornby Maunsell S15 Class Steam Loco 824 SR Maunsell Green SAVE £45.00 ON £134.99 NOW £89.99
Picture R3424 Hornby LNER 0-8-0 Raven Q6 Class Steam Loco 3418 LNER SAVE £65.00 ON £154.99 NOW £89.99

Dapol OO Gauge:
Picture 4D-003-004 Dapol Class 52 Diesel Hydraulic Loco D1058 "Western Nobleman" BR SAVE £61.95 ON £151.94 NOW £89.99
Picture 4D-003-010 Dapol Class 52 Western Diesel Loco D1010 "Western Campaigner" BR SAVE £61.95 ON £151.94 NOW £89.99

Heljan OO Gauge:
Picture 16041 Heljan Class 16 Diesel Loco D8409 BR, gloss finish SAVE £54.96 ON £134.95 NOW £79.99

Click here to see our current OO gauge bargains, click here to see our N gauge bargains and click here to see our current HO bargains on our website!

Kernow Model Rail Centre on Tour

What a busy weekend at the two shows, Swindon Railway Festival and The Railway Enthusiasts' Club Model Railway Exhibition! We hope you managed to get to one of them!

Next up we have Worthing Model Railway Exhibition next weekend. It is being held at Durrington High School in Worthing, West Sussex on Saturday 23rd and Sunday 24th September. Looking forward to October we have four shows!!!

See details of all the future exhibitions we will be attending here.

Did you know...
15 years ago this week there were two very excited men getting ready to open the shop for the first time! The shop was very different then - mainly because in those days you tried to make 100 things look like a 1000! We definitely don't have that problem now!

Newsletter Correction: I was disappointingly not entirely correct about the Westland Sea King (in last weeks newsletter) and my fathers connection. He did indeed fly a Sea King in the Falklands but a different one so half right there! Also he didn't fly one during the conflict but after it during the clean up. My excuse is I wasn't born at the time thus my reason behind not getting it entirely correct! :)

Best wishes,


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