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KMRC Newsletter


Welcome to our newsletter August 17th 2018
Hello from all of us here at Kernow Model Rail Centre! Make sure you check out our bargain pages on our website as the team has been busy adding to them this past week!

If you are a new subscriber to our weekly newsletter - WELCOME! If you are an existing subscriber - WELCOME BACK! For daily announcements please visit our Facebook page: Kernow Model Rail Centre, or follow us on Twitter: @kernowmodelrail.

As suggested by a lovely customer who views our newsletter via mobile phone:

Click on the appropriate link to be directed straight to the new arrivals in your chosen scale --->  OO  /  N  /  HO  /  G

Click on the appropriate link to be directed straight to the bargains in your chosen scale --->  OO  /  N  /  HO  /  G

OO Gauge News

Murphy Models delivery was full to the brim with these lovely bright coaches - sunglasses at the ready!:
Image MM5102 Murphy Models MkIID 1st Class Coach 5102 Irish Rail Supertrain £52.25
Image MM5152 Murphy Models MkIID Composite Class Coach 5152 Irish Rail Supertrain £52.25
Image MM5202 Murphy Models MkIID Standard Class Coach 5202 Irish Rail Supertrain £52.25
Image MM5214 Murphy Models MkIID Standard Class Coach 5214 Irish Rail Supertrain £52.25
Image MM5224 Murphy Models MkIID Standard Class Coach 5224 Irish Rail Supertrain £52.25
Image MM5402 Murphy Models MkIID Restaurant Coach 5402 Irish Super Train £52.25
Image MM5408 Murphy Models MkIID Restaurant Coach MM5408 Irish Rail £52.25
Image MM5605 Murphy Models MkIID Generator Coach 5605 Irish Rail Supertrain £52.25

We received a Class 25 which has been sold out for a while, just one in the delivery from Bachmann!:
Image 32-331 Bachmann Class 25/1 Diesel Loco 25 043 BR Green, weathered £94.95

A little delay on delivery of the items shown last week, now expected into Hornby next week, so possibly a bumper arrival including this lot during the coming week!:
Image R3582 Hornby Class 87 Electric Loco 87 010 "King Arthur" Intercity Swallow £145.99
Image R3653 Hornby Class 50 Diesel Loco 50 040 "Leviathan" BR Large Logo Blue £152.99
Image R3658 Hornby Class 50 Diesel Loco 50 033 "Glorious" Network South East £144.99
Image R3660 Hornby Class 56 Diesel Loco 56 303 DCR £144.99
Image R4855 Hornby Mk3 Buffet TRFB Coach 10235 Virgin Trains £29.99
Image R4857 Hornby Mk3 First Open FO Coach 11097 Virgin Trains £29.99
Image R4857A Hornby Mk3 Coach First Open FO 11074 Virgin £29.99
Image R4858 Hornby Mk3 Standard Open SO Coach 12132 Virgin Trains £29.99
Image R4858A Hornby Mk3 Standard Open SO Coach 12045 Virgin Trains £29.99
Image R4858B Hornby Mk3 Coach Standard Open SO 12087 Virgin £29.99
Image R4860 Hornby Pullman J Type Devon Belle Observation Car 13 £64.99

All OO Gauge items that have arrived within the last 28 days are shown in the latest arrivals section of our website.

N Gauge News

We have managed to find this beauty hiding away in the shop. We only have the 1 and have made it available again on the website. Check it out by clicking on the image below:
Image 377-335 Graham Farish Conflat Wagon and Container Triple Pack BR Bauxite, weathered £29.99

Still quiet for N gaugers but do check all the items that have arrived within the last 28 days by clicking on the latest arrivals section of our website and, of course, the bargain section!

Publication News

An invaluable guide now in stock:
Image Rail Express Train Formations Handbook £7.99

Kernow Model Rail Centre Exclusive Limited Edition News - OO Gauge

UPDATE - D600 Warship - OO Gauge

Wow - what a response from all you lovely people! Thanks for all of the help we have received in our preparation of the D600 livery artwork!

We have been staggered by the number of previously unpublished images we have received. Unfortunately we are unable to share any of these images as either the Copyright is in doubt or the owner does not allow publication.

We also have the paint diagrams which all clearly say black. Many of the images we were sent show the battery boxes covered in filth and grime, or were black and white.

We have ten images in colour which are very clear, all of which look green. We understand there is an argument that it is somehow reflecting the colour from the body above, but we don't think the angles work for this. It is set back from the body above so there is no way for the colour to reflect onto it. We also think that at least part of the bogies would reflect some of the green if this was the explanation. The chances of 10 images all somehow showing as green when it was actually black is too remote so we have decided to go with green. This is not a snap decision, we have looked over and over again before reaching this conclusion.

We have no evidence that the BR Blue version is anything other than black.

The factory will very shortly start work on the livery samples based on our information to date and we look forward to showing these as soon as we receive them!
Picture K2600 Class 41 Warship Diesel Loco D600 "Active" BR Blue £169.99
Picture K2601 Class 41 Warship Diesel Loco D601 "Ark Royal" BR Green £169.99
Picture K2602 Class 41 Warship Diesel Loco D602 "Bulldog" BR Green £169.99
Picture K2603 Class 41 Warship Diesel Loco D603 "Conquest" BR Green £169.99
Picture K2604 Class 41 Warship Diesel Loco D604 "Cossack" BR Green £169.99

ADDITION - Class 150 Sprinter - OO Gauge

We have added a DCC Sound Option to our exclusive FGW Class 150 Sprinter DMU!

Fitted with DCC Sound with ESU Decoder and Legomanbiffo sounds:
Picture 32-935XS Bachmann Class 150/2 2 Car DMU 150 216 First Great Western Purple £309.99

Newsletter Bargains

Each week we feature great models at a special price and, as a subscriber to our newsletter, you will get the first chance to buy. Our stock system is live so as soon as the last model is sold it will show out of stock. Please note that it will not necessarily be removed from the website immediately. See further details on our website by clicking on the images below:

Hornby - now half-price:
Image R8144 Hornby RailMaster PC Model Railway Control System NOW £29.99
Image R8312 Hornby e-LINK + Railmaster + 1 amp Transformer NOW £49.99

Bargain bundles, available while stocks last!:
Image K9981 Hornby Railroad 0-4-0 Steam Loco Pack NOW £39.99
Image K9982 Bachmann Electrification Wagon Pack NOW £49.99
Image K9984 EFE Bulwark Tanker Pack NOW £12.99
Picture K9985 Bachmann N Class with Hornby Coaches SR Pack NOW £269.99
Picture K9986 Bachmann Class 47 Midland Counties with HST Barrier Coach Pack NOW £154.99
Picture K9987 Bachmann Class 37 and Dapol IDA Wagon Bargain Pack NOW £179.99
Picture K9988 Bachmann Premier Charter 4-TC and Dapol Class 73 Pack NOW £349.95
Picture R1173PACK Hornby DCC Fitted GWR 2721 0-6-0 Pack NOW £99.99

Bargain Bundles (including a few of our exclusive models):

Bargain Exclusive DJModels Class 71s:
Picture OO71-097 DJ Models Class 71 Electric Loco E5002 BR, weathered NOW £99.99
Picture OO71-098 DJ Models Class 71 Electric Loco E5019 BR Green, weathered NOW £99.99

Bachmann Scenecraft OO Gauge - 58 models in the Scenecraft Clearance to choose from!:
Picture Scenecraft Clearance - save up to 69%!

Bachmann OO Gauge - Remember you can save £1 off per coach when buying 4 or more in any combination in one order:
Picture 31-169 Bachmann L&YR 2-4-2 Tank 50705 BR Lined Black NOW £72.99
Picture 31-426B Bachmann Class 411 4-CEP 4 Car EMU Set 7122 BR (SR) Green NOW £219.99
Picture 31-427B Bachmann Class 411 4-CEP 4 Car EMU Set 7106 BR NOW £219.99
Picture 31-980 Bachmann BR Standard Class 3MT Steam Tank Loco 82020 BR, weathered NOW £88.99
Picture 32-085 Bachmann Class 56XX Steam Loco 6639 BR Black NOW £72.99
Picture 32-119 Bachmann Class 08 Diesel Shunter 08 907 DB Schenker NOW £73.95
Picture 32-353 Bachmann BR Standard Class 4MT Steam Loco 80135 BR NOW £91.99
Picture 32-482 Bachmann Class 40 Diesel Loco 97 407 "Aureol" BR Blue Departmental, weathered NOW £113.95
Picture 32-937 Bachmann Class 150/2 2 Car Sprinter DMU 150 202 Centro NOW £99.95
Picture 34-633 Bachmann BR Mk1 Suburban Second Brake Coach E43190 BR, weathered NOW £21.99
Picture 39-002 Bachmann Twin Pack BR Mk2A BFK HST Barrier Vehicles BR NOW £66.99
Picture 39-075C Bachmann BR Mk1 BSK Brake Second Corridor Coach M35322 BR NOW £26.95
Picture 39-077F Bachmann BR Mk1 BSK Brake Second Corridor Coach E34231 BR NOW £26.95
Picture 39-082B Bachmann BR Mk1 BSK Brake Second Corridor Coach 35329 Network SouthEast NOW £26.95
Picture 39-100C Bachmann BR Mk1 RU Restaurant Car E1974 BR NOW £26.95
Picture 39-177C Bachmann BR Mk1 BG Full Brake Coach M80565 BR NOW £26.95
Picture 39-226C Bachmann BR Mk1 BCK Brake Composite Corridor Coach M21026 BR NOW £26.95
Picture 39-240 Bachmann BR Mk1 FO First Open Coach M3001 BR NOW £26.95
Picture 39-250A Bachmann BR Mk1 RFO Restaurant Car M5 BR NOW £26.95
Picture 39-276 Bachmann BR Mk1 GUV 96169 InterCity Motorail NOW £28.99

Liliput HO Gauge:
Picture L136104 Liliput Plasser and Theurer Tamping Machine SNCB NOW £59.99

Dapol N Gauge:
Picture 2P-012-301 Dapol Maunsell Corridor 1st Class Coach S7665 BR SR Green NOW £17.99
Picture 2P-012-302 Dapol Maunsell Corridor 1st Class Coach S7367 BR SR Green NOW £17.99

Graham Farish N Gauge:
Picture 372-061 Graham Farish Midland Class 4F Steam Loco 3851 LMS NOW £74.99
Picture 372-312 Graham Farish Merchant Navy Class Steam Loco 35028 "Clan Line" BR NOW £118.95
Picture 374-192 Graham Farish BR Mk1 BSK Brake Second Corridor Coach M35451 Intercity NOW £20.99
Picture 372-244 Graham Farish Class 47/7 Diesel Loco 47 711 "Greyfriars Bobby" BR NOW £84.95
Picture 377-065 Graham Farish Coal Trader Triple Pack 5 Plank Wagons, weathered NOW £31.95
Picture 377-097 Graham Farish Coal Trader Triple Pack 7 Plank Private Owner Wagons, weathered NOW £31.95

Additional Graham Farish N Gauge bargains added including around 30% off buses:
Picture Additional N Gauge Bargains

Bachmann ON-30:
Picture 28301 Bachmann Spectrum 4-4-0 American Steam Loco painted unlettered black NOW £149.99
Picture 28305 Bachmann Spectrum 4-4-0 American Steam Loco painted unlettered black NOW £149.99
Picture 28306 Bachmann Spectrum 4-4-0 American Steam Loco painted unlettered black NOW £149.99

Bachmann G Gauge:
Picture 88097 Bachmann Spectrum Boxcar Florence and Cripple Creek NOW £95.99
Picture 88197 Bachmann Spectrum Framed Tank Car Painted Unlettered Black NOW £107.99
Picture 90068 Bachmann Thomas the Tank Engine Train Set NOW £282.99
Picture 93120 Bachmann L Bobber and Logging Caboose ET&WNC NOW £35.99
Picture BW1161 Bachmann Brassworks GWR B Set Coach Brass Unpainted NOW £399.99

Click here to see our current OO gauge bargains, click here to see our N gauge bargains and click here to see our current HO bargains on our website!

Kernow Model Rail Centre on Tour

The next show is next weekend! We have a stand at the Hayle Model Railway Club & Duchy Railroaders Exhibition over the bank holiday weekend - Saturday 25th and Sunday 26th August! If you are down on your holidays visiting why not pop in and see us! Once September arrives the shows pick up again and the team will be splitting themselves in two! We are attending both the REC 2018 Model Railway Exhibition and the Swindon Railway Festival on Saturday 8th and Sunday 9th September.

See details of all the future exhibitions we will be attending here.

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