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KMRC Newsletter


Welcome to our newsletter - October 11th 2019

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Hello from all of us here at Kernow Model Rail Centre - both teams in Camborne and Guildford! Now the evenings are drawing in and there is a nip in the air - what better time than to work on your layout?! We have a section below based on all things Woodland Scenics. So if you need any help with adding a water feature, or maybe you want to add some undulating surfaces using the SubTerrain items, then take a look!

OO Gauge News

What a quiet week for deliveries! Lots of stock to replace sold stock but no new models have arrived. So let's have a look at what we are expecting to arrive soon:

DCC Concepts:
Image DCR-ACP DCC Concepts Point Rodding Crank Multi Pack £44.95
Image DCR-CCP.3 DCC Concepts Point Rodding Compensating Cranks (3) Pins (100) & Drill £19.00
Image DCR-CVP.6 DCC Concepts Point Rodding Curved Cranks (6) Pins (100) & Drill £19.00
Image DCR-LCP.6 DCC Concepts Point Rodding Tall Cranks (6) Pins (100) & Drill £19.00
Image DCR-MCP.6 DCC Concepts Point Rodding Medium Cranks (6) Pins (100) & Drill £19.00
Image DCR-P100 DCC Concepts Point Rodding Pins (100) £3.95
Image DCR-P500 DCC Concepts Point Rodding Pins (500) £9.95
Image DCR-RCP DCC Concepts Point Rodding Stools (100) £26.95
Image DCR-RDP DCC Concepts Point Rodding Only £26.95
Image DCR-SCP.6 DCC Concepts Point Rodding Short Cranks (6) Pins (100) & Drill £19.00
Image DCR-SSLP DCC Concepts Point Rodding Cobalt SS Distant Mount Set £22.95
Image DCR-WRD DCC Concepts Point Rodding Complete Working Pack £89.95

Image 14227 Noch Laser Cut Minis Kit - Lawn Stones £14.50
Image 14301 Noch Laser Cut Minis Kit - Concrete Grid Plates £9.50

All OO Gauge items that have arrived within the last 28 days are shown in the latest arrivals section of our website.

N Gauge News

We received these VEA Munitions Vans from Revolution Trains last Friday but we now have the updated photos of them for you to see! Choose between BR Maroon, BR Railfreight Red & Grey, or Railfreight Distribution Grey & Yellow:
Image NVEA-001A Revolution Trains VEA Munitions Van 230011 BR Maroon £19.95
Image NVEA-001B Revolution Trains VEA Munitions Van 230019 BR Maroon £19.95
Image NVEA-001C Revolution Trains VEA Munitions Van 230026 BR Maroon £19.95
Image NVEA-001D Revolution Trains VEA Munitions Van 230034 BR Maroon £19.95
Image NVEA-001E Revolution Trains VEA Munitions Van 230049 BR Maroon £19.95
Image NVEA-002A Revolution Trains VEA Munitions Van 230060 BR Railfreight Red/Grey £19.95
Image NVEA-002B Revolution Trains VEA Munitions Van 230063 BR Railfreight Red/Grey £19.95
Image NVEA-002C Revolution Trains VEA Munitions Van 230117 BR Railfreight Red/Grey £19.95
Image NVEA-002D Revolution Trains VEA Munitions Van 230156 BR Railfreight Red/Grey £19.95
Image NVEA-002E Revolution Trains VEA Munitions Van 230443 BR Railfreight Red/Grey £19.95
Image NVEA-005A Revolution Trains VEA Munitions Van 230142 Railfreight Distribution Grey/Yellow £19.95
Image NVEA-005B Revolution Trains VEA Munitions Van 230498 Railfreight Distribution Grey/Yellow £19.95
Image NVEA-005C Revolution Trains VEA Munitions Van 230523 Railfreight Distribution Grey/Yellow £19.95

All N Gauge items that have arrived within the last 28 days are shown in the latest arrivals section of our website.

Woodland Scenics

Did you know (don't worry - I'm not about to tell you some random fact...!) we have a great range of all things Woodland Scenics!? Whether you wanted to create a water scene using their 'Complete Water System, or maybe you fancied changing the scenery to model another season using a bit of the 'Field Grass System', or even if you just wanted to tidy up your layout using 'Tidy Track' - then we have the right stuff for you! You can find it all on our website by clicking here or if you know what you are looking for then look below for examples of what we stock:

Image B1372 Woodland Scenics Fine Ballast Brown 32oz shaker £12.75
Image B1380 Woodland Scenics Medium Ballast Buff 32oz shaker £12.75
Image B1388 Woodland Scenics Coarse Ballast Light Grey 32oz shaker £12.75

Built & Ready Structures

Complete Water System:
Image C1211 Woodland Scenics Realistic Water 16fl oz £25.00
Image CW4511 Woodland Scenics Murky Deep Pour Water £29.00
Image CW4520 Woodland Scenics Turquoise Water Tint £5.75

DVDs & Books:
Image C1207 Woodland Scenics Scenery Manual £15.75
Image R973 Woodland Scenics Model Scenery Made Easy DVD £9.75

Field Grass System:
Image FG172 Woodland Scenics Field Grass, Harvest Gold £5.00
Image FS613 Woodland Scenics Field Grass System 2mm Static Grass Dark Green £4.95
Image FS647 Woodland Scenics Field Grass System Static Grass Starter Kit £14.50
Image T48 Woodland Scenics Field Grass System Flowers. 4 colours £5.00

Grass Mats

Ground Cover


Just Plug Lighting:
Image JP5676 Woodland Scenics Just Plug Twin Lamp £24.25

Layout Kits

Learning Kits

Image ST4790 Woodland Scenics Mod-U-Rail Stand for Straight Module £78.00
Image ST4802 Woodland Scenics Mod-U-Rail Corner Module. Size 36in x 36in £183.25

Scenic Accents

Scenic Glues

Image S929 Woodland Scenics SubTerrain Scenery Kit £94.00
Image ST1408 Woodland Scenics 2in Riser £13.25
Image ST1412 Woodland Scenics 2% Incline Starter - rises 1/2 inch over 2 feet £9.95

Terrain Formation

Tidy Track:
Image TT4550 Woodland Scenics Tidy Track Rail Tracker Cleaning Kit £33.75
Image TT4580 Woodland Scenics Tidy Track Track Painter Steel Rail £9.75
Track Beds

Tree Kits

Trees Ready Made:
Image TR3502 Woodland Scenics Classic Tree - Sun Kissed (Medium) 1 ¼ - 2in £12.25

Model Rail News

LAST FEW - Sentinel - OO Gauge

We are down to the last handful (last few handfuls depending on the size of the persons hands I suppose?!) of the Model Rail Sentinel in OO Gauge! Don't miss out as we don't know if, or when, a further batch may be produced!:
Image MR-015 Dapol Sentinel Steam Locomotive 47182 BR Black - BRITISH RAILWAYS lettering £87.00

Model Rail / KMRC News


We, Model Rail, and Heljan have joined forces and are pleased to announce a ready-to-run Class 97/6 in OO gauge - better known as the 'PWM'!


Five Ruston & Hornsby 0‑6‑0DEs were ordered by the Western Region for use in replacing 60ft track panels with continuously welded rail. They were designed so that they could be hauled from depots to work sites in permanent way trains where the traction motor would be re-engaged to enable them to shunt wagons. The ‘PWMs’ were never part of the capital stock list and were only ever allocated to Departmental duties. EWS withdrew the final two, 97651 and 97654, in 1998.

Our tooling will only cover PWM651-654 (97651-97654), which were delivered in 1959. The pioneer, PWM650 (97650), built in 1953, had smaller wheels and other differences.

The tooling is being split three ways:

---> Model Rail will offer pristine versions in five liveries.
---> Kernow Model Rail Centre will offer weathered versions of the Model Rail liveries.
---> Heljan will produce versions in industrial‑inspired colour schemes, which are still to be confirmed.

Work has already started. Paul and Peter (don't fly away!)  Martin graciously allowed Model Rail’s Richard Foster and Heljan’s Ben Jones to measure and photograph their PWM651 at the Swindon & Cricklade Railway in mid-August.

Final specifications have yet to be finalised, but it’s hoped that the ‘PWM’ will have a Next18 DCC decoder socket, factory‑fitted speaker, working spot lamps and interior lights (as well as marker lights, where applicable).

Prices have yet to be confirmed and we’ll let you know when the order book opens! It is hoped that the ‘PWM’ will hit the shelves in early 2021 but we will keep you updated on progress and when the pre-order books open! Visit our dedicated page by clicking here.

NOW IN STOCK - PRA China Clay Wagon - OO Gauge

Later grey livery with black underframes:
Image SB007A PRA 38 Tonne glw Covered Box Wagon RLS6313 £39.99
Image SB007B PRA 38 Tonne glw Covered Box Wagon RLS6314 £39.99
Image SB007C PRA 38 Tonne glw Covered Box Wagon RLS6315 £39.99
Image SB007D PRA 38 Tonne glw Covered Box Wagon RLS6316 £39.99
Image SB007ZA PRA 38 Tonne glw Covered Box Wagon. Pack of 4 £154.99

Early grey livery:
Image SB007E PRA 38 Tonne glw Covered Box Wagon RLS6305 £39.99
Image SB007F PRA 38 Tonne glw Covered Box Wagon RLS6309 £39.99
Image SB007G PRA 38 Tonne glw Covered Box Wagon RLS6306 £39.99
Image SB007H PRA 38 Tonne glw Covered Box Wagon RLS6308 £39.99
Image SB007ZB PRA 38 Tonne glw Covered Box Wagon. Pack of 4 £154.99


Each week we feature great models at a special price and, as a subscriber to our newsletter, you will get the first chance to buy. Our stock system is live so as soon as the last model is sold it will show out of stock. Please note that it will not necessarily be removed from the website immediately. See further details on our website by clicking on the images below:

Bargain Bundles (including a few of our exclusive models):

Bachmann Scenecraft OO Gauge:
Picture Scenecraft Clearance - save up to 80%!

Bachmann OO Gauge - Remember you can save £1 off per coach when buying 4 or more in any combination in one order:
Picture 31-003A Bachmann Robinson Class O4 Steam Loco 6184 LNER Black NOW £74.95
Picture 31-379 Bachmann 2EPB 2 Car EMU Set 5771 BR Green NOW £114.95
Picture 31-434 Bachmann Midland Class 1F Steam Loco 41803 BRITISH RAILWAYS Black NOW £63.99
Picture 31-461A Bachmann C Class 0-6-0 Steam Loco 1294 Southern Railway Black NOW £74.99
Picture 31-462A Bachmann C Class 0-6-0 Steam Loco 31227 BR Black E/E NOW £74.99
Picture 31-481 Bachmann G2A Steam Loco 49106 BR Black E/E, weathered NOW £72.99
Picture 31-614 Bachmann V3 Steam Tank Loco 67646 BR Lined Black L/C NOW £73.99
Picture 31-615 Bachmann V3 Steam Tank Loco 67690 BR Lined Black E/E NOW £73.99
Picture 31-627B Bachmann Class 3F Steam Loco 3520 LMS Black NOW £63.99
Picture 31-883 Bachmann Midland Class 4F Steam Loco 3848 Midland Black Crest NOW £81.99
Picture 32-109 Bachmann Class 08 Diesel Shunter 08 631 "Eagle" Network SouthEast NOW £69.99
Picture 32-178A Bachmann LMS Crab Steam Loco 13174 LMS Lined Black NOW £81.99
Picture 32-279A Bachmann K3 Class Steam Loco 1304 LNER Lined Black NOW £88.99
Picture 32-289 Bachmann Class 101 2 Car DMU BR Refurbished White & Blue NOW £136.95
Picture 32-290DS Bachmann Class 101 2 Car DMU Network SouthEast. DCC Sound fitted NOW £203.99
Picture 32-560 Bachmann Class A1 Steam Loco 60117 BRITISH RAILWAYS Apple Green NOW £114.99
Picture 32-561 Bachmann Class A1 Steam Loco 60122 "Curlew" BR Express Blue E/E NOW £139.99
Picture 32-575A Bachmann Ivatt Class 4MT Steam Loco 3000 LMS Black NOW £82.99
Picture 32-992 Bachmann Wickham Type 27 Trolley Car BR Engineers Yellow NOW £45.95

Graham Farish Scenecraft N Gauge:
Picture Scenecraft Clearance - save up to 72%!

Graham Farish N Gauge:
Picture 374-042 Graham Farish BR Mk1 BG Full Brake Coach NEX 92002 Intercity NOW £20.99
Picture 374-258C Graham Farish BR Mk1 CK Corridor Composite Coach M16153 BR NOW £22.95
Picture 374-711 Graham Farish BR MK2A TSO Tourist Second Open Coach 5410 Network SouthEast NOW £22.95

Click here to see our current OO gauge bargains, click here to see our N gauge bargains, click here to see our current HO bargains and click here to see our current O bargains on our website!

Gift Vouchers

Picture Picture Picture

Kernow Model Rail Centre on Tour

Our October tour started well at the Fareham Model Railway Club's RailEx! This weekend we now have a double header as we are attending both the Great Electric Train Show, in Milton Keynes, and the Aldershot Model Railway Exhibiton! The teams will be found at both shows on both Saturday 12th and Sunday 13th October 2019. At one you will find Chris & Sam and at the other you will come across Greg & Mick!

See details of all the future exhibitions we will be attending here.

Customer Layouts

Rich Rich
Mr Rich, from West Yorkshire, kindly send in not just his layout but also that of his young son! The future modellers of this lovely hobby. See more of them on our dedicated 'customer layout' page on our website by clicking here.

Things You Didn't Know You Didn't Know (or maybe you did?!)

Since writing about the wonderful Narwhal a few weeks ago I have become particulary fond of the creature! I am also shocked at how many people do not believe they exist until I show them a photo! There are some other creatures out there that are also hard to believe exist - especially when you see a photo of them! So if you get a chance later today do a little search on the following...
The Glaucus Atlanticus. The Venezuelan Poodle Moth. The Bush Viper. The Indian Purple Frog. The Red-lipped Batfish. The Panda Ant. The Atretochoana Eiselti (or more fondly known as, and I have to admit that I feel rather rude writing this, the Penis Snake...).

Best wishes,


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