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KMRC Skrifa – Maintaining your KMRC model - Instruction and Service sheets.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Please always take care when removing your model from its packaging, as many of the models incorporate many small detail parts.

Always run your model on track laid on a firm surface - not on a carpet - to avoid dust and fibres entering the working parts of your model.

Care must be taken to clean and maintain your model for optimum performance. When required, wipe the rails and exposed portions of your locomotive’s wheels with a soft, lint-free cloth or cotton swab to ensure good electrical contact. Do not use steel wool to clean your track. Take care to avoid scenic material from the layout entering the mechanism.

Always refer to Instruction Sheet specific to the model for running in and lubrication details as listed below.

Instruction and Service Sheets

The instruction and Service sheets for our Exclusive models, along with those we supply to EFE Rail, can be downloaded by clicking the relevant links below.

Steam locomotives

                                            Description                        Gauge Model Numbers Download Link
GWR Steam Railmotor    GWR Steam Railmotor         00 K2301 – K2305   

KMRC GWR Steam Railmotor Instruction Sheet


YouChoos KMRC Sound Decoder User Guide

Beattie Well Tank    Beattie Well Tank SR/BR 2-4-0WT        00 K2051 – K2051 KMRC Beattie Well Tank Instruction Sheet
Adams O2 Class

Adams 02 Class LSWR/SR/BR 0-4-4T

00 K2101- K2107 KMRC Adams O2 Instruction Sheet
1361 Class Saddle Tank 1361 Class 0-6-0ST GWR/BR 00 K2201 – K2205 KMRC 1361 Class Saddle Tank Instruction Sheet 
EFE Beattie Well Tank Beattie Well Tank SR/BR 2-4-0WT
(EFE Rail)
00  E85007 – E85009  EFE Rail Beattie Well Tank Instruction Sheet
EFE Adams O2 Tank

Adams 02 Class LSWR/SR/BR 0-4-4T

(EFE Rail)

00  E85010 – E85012  EFE Adams O2 Instruction Sheet
 EFE J94 Saddler Tank J94 Class 0-6-0ST (EFE Rail) 00
 E85001 – E85006    
EFE Rail J94 Class Instruction Sheet
 EFE J94 Saddle Tank J94 Class 0-6-0ST N Gauge (EFE Rail) N

 E85501 – E85504


EFE Rail J94 Class N Gauge Instruction Sheet

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Diesel and Electric Locomotives and Units

  Description Gauge   Model Numbers   Download Link
Class 205 Thumper       Class 205 ‘Thumper ‘DEMU’                      00

31-235Z –32-239Z     


KMRC Class 205 Sound Decoder Notes
Bulleid 1-Co-Co-1 Diesel

Bulleid1-Co-Co-1 Diesel BR

00 K2600 – K2608

KMRC Bulleid 1-Co-Co-1 Diesel Instruction Sheet

KMRC Bulleid 1-Co-Co-1 Diesel Sound Decoder Notes 
D600 Class 41Warship Diesel D600 Class 41 ‘Warship’ Diesels   00     K2201 – K2205  

KMRC D600 Instruction Sheet

KMRC D600_D602_D602A Exploded Diagram

KMRC D601 Exploded Diagram

KMRC D603_D604 Exploded Diagram

 Class 438 4-TC Unit

Class 484 4-TC 


32-640Z –32-644Z


KMRC Class 483 4-TC DCC Lighting Notes

EFE Rail SR Booster SR Booster Co-Co (EFE Rail) 
00 E82001 - E82005

EFE Rail SR BoosterInstruction Sheet

EFE Class 17 Class 17 Bo-Bo (EFE Rail)  N E84501 - E84511

EFE Rail Class 17 Instruction Sheet

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Rolling Stock


  Description Gauge Model Numbers Download Link
    KMRC Gate Stock SR/BR Gate Stock 00

K2101- K2107

KMRC SR/BR Gate Stock Owners Information 

(EFE latest version) 

EFE Gate Stock

     SR/BR Gate Stock (EFE Rail)      

00 E86001 – E86002

EFE Rail SR/BR Gate Stock Owners Information 

IZA Cargowaggon IZA Cargowaggon Twin Vans  00    
SB008A – SB008K   

KMRC ISA Cargowaggon 00 Instruction Sheet   

KMRC IZA Cargowaggon 00 Switch Position

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Manufacturers Service Sheets

Click on the links below for the index pages of their Service Sheets.

Bachmann Logo
Bachmann 00 Gauge - current

Bachmann 00 Gauge - Pre-2017

EFE Rail 
Graham Farish N Gauge - Current

Graham Farish N Gauge - Pre-2017
Hornby Logo

Hornby 00 Gauge  Arnold N Gauge
Revolution Trains Logo

Revolution Trains N & 00  

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