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We have commissioned the much-requested LSWR Pull-Push Gate Set in OO Gauge.  This has been produced from tools owned by Kernow Model Rail Centre and is to the same high standard as the Beattie Well Tank and Adams O2 Models.  We worked closely with Graham Muspratt and Mike King to ensure the models are as accurate as possible.

LSWR Gate Stock Image LSWR Gate Stock Image

Initially Four versions of the 1914 Stock were produced. We have now manufactured a second batch, the two versions in this batch are now being supplied under the EFE Rail brand. We have taken the opportunity to amend tooling for the underframe equipment positioning, roof vents and some of the interior seating, click the item below to order.

E86001 LSWR Gate Stock ImageE86001 Set number 374 in BR unlined crimson livery £118.99

E86002 LSWR Gate Stock ImageE86002 Set number 373 in SR Lined Maunsell Green livery SOLD OUT

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The four original versions wwere as follows:

K1001 LSWR Gate Stock ImageK1001 Set number 374 in SR Lined Maunsell Green livery  SOLD OUT JUNE 2018

K1002 LSWR Gate Stock ImageK1002 Set number 373 in SR unlined Malachite Green livery  SOLD OUT JUNE 2018

K1003 LSWR Gate Stock ImageK1003 Set number 363 in BR Crimson livery  SOLD OUT JULY 2019

K1004 LSWR Gate Stock ImageK1004 Set number 373 in BR (SR) Green livery  SOLD OUT DECEMBER 2019

Each twin pack contains the Driving Brake Composite (which was downgraded to Driving Brake Third during 1939) and Third coach. 

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Each set has unique details which will be reproduced on the models, including representations of the steel plating applied to K1004. 

Spot the differences in the image below!

1st EP Sample Gate Stock Image

In December 2013 we received the cad-cams for this model.  Several minor changes were made and tooling commenced in February 2015. 

The first shots from this tooling were produced in June 2015 and the image below shows the result of this.

LSWR Gate Stock First Shot Image

This image was taken in the factory and we received a fully-assembled model towards the end of June.  The first shot is to check for the main dimensions and check that the assembled parts fit correctly etc, and does not have the full detail.

The first shot has been checked and several changes have been made.  The second shot arrived 27th October 2016 and was extensively test run.    Livery artwork was submitted in November 2016. 

The first livery samples were received on 17th March 2017 and comments fed back.  The latest livery sample was received on 12th May 2017 and production authorised subject to a couple of minor corrections.  Production was completed in September 2017 and the models arrived on 14th November 2017.

All paid-for pre-orders were sent by 14th December 2017.


The image below should assist with fitting the brake pipes and dummy couplings if required.  

Brake Pipe Image

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