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00 Gauge GWR Steam Railmotor

We are pleased to announce we will produce the GWR Steam Railmotor in 00 Gauge in association with the Great Western Society at Didcot.

GWR Railmotor Bodmin Mike Webber Copyright ImageImage above copyright and courtesy Mike Webber - Railmotor 93 in the Glynn Valley

The Great Western Railway wanted a cost-effective way to improve local passenger services at the start of the Twentieth Century in response to the threat from urban tramways. The Railmotor was their solution to this and such was their success in many areas that patronage rapidly outgrew the capacity available! Several batches were built and by 1905 there were around 50 in service with around 100 built when production was complete in 1908. A number of trailers were also built in response to the success of the Railmotors to increase their capacity. By the mid 1920s most Railmotors had been converted to auto-trailers to allow longer trains to operate in conjunction with a more powerful steam locomotive.

Operational details and preservation

Used through the Great Western Railway from Cornwall to the London suburbs, number 93 is preserved by the Great Western Society at Didcot and has made many visits around the country, most notably to work on the Looe branch in Cornwall and the Brentford branch in London.

GWR Railmotor Llangollen John Hastings Thompson Copyright Image Image above copyright and courtesy John Hastings Thompson - Railmotor 93 at Llangollen

The Exclusive Model

The prototype was laser scanned at Didcot to ensure an accurate rendition of the body shapes and details.

The model features:
- Fully detailed body and underframe with many separate and etched parts and wire handrails
- Sprung buffers with metal heads
- Working directional oil lamps
- Working interior lighting
- All wheel pickup
- Coreless motor mounted vertically within a scale die cast metal representation of the vertical boiler
- Accurate working valve gear including piston valve rod movement
- Strong haulage capacity (well over that of the prototype)
- DCC ready with a PluX-22 decoder socket or DCC Sound Fitted options available
- Factory fitted 25mmm speaker within luggage compartment

Five livery versions, either DCC ready or DCC Sound Fitted will be released with a price of £189.99 DCC Ready or £299.99 Sound Fitted at release, although you can save £10 per model if placing a pre-order.

Graham Drew, Great Western Society Railmotor Project Manager, said "The Society is pleased to offer every assistance to Kernow Model Rail Centre to enable an historically accurate model to be produced to the highest standard, and to be involved in bringing this unique vehicle to modellers of the GWR.”

Chris Trerise, Kernow Model Rail Centre Managing Director, said "When I first rode on the Railmotor from Liskeard to Looe and return in 2012 I was hooked and knew I had to get this into my portfolio of models. I am really pleased to be working with the Great Western Society as this project progresses"

Click here for details of the versions available

Project update –  January 2023

Production is underway, following the latest update from the factory and taking into account shipping timescales,  the models should be available by Q3 this year. 

Project update –  November 2022

We received decorated samples for evaluation in September, these also included some slight tooling amendments requested since the review of the first Engineering Prototypes. Whilst the review has highlighted a small number of minor corrections required these will incorporated during production. 
GWR Steam Railmotors

DCC provision has been upgraded to Plux-22 and DCC(DC*) Sound Fitted versions for each of the five liveries have now been added to the range. The KMRC Exclusive sound project has been produced in association with YouChoos and combines a dedicated sound file with a Zimo MS series decoder. In addition to the sounds recorded from the preserved No. 93 GWR Steam Railmotor the sound file exclusively includes a range of station destination announcements matching the various alternative destination boards that will be supplied with each model that are chosen to align with the allocation of the specific Railmotor during the period for its livery.

*DCC Sound running on DC information: The Railmotor sound project will produce all automatic sounds on DC the same as under DCC – this includes chuffs, start-off release, come-to-halt sounds, and certain random sounds. As with any sound decoder running under DC, the decoder kicks into life above a threshold voltage – somewhere between 5V and 9V, so you will be running the loco in the top part of your throttle’s voltage range, but otherwise is quite controllable.

Despite the current worldwide challenges we are able to maintain keep the existing pricing of £189.99, reduced to £179.99 for pre-orders. The DCC sound fitted version is now available at £299.99 reduced to £289.99 for pre-orders.

Customers with existing pre-orders will be contacted in due course regarding their current order and or upgrading to sound fitted if required.



The Models

We are producing five livery versions, as DCC ready or DCC Sound Fitted, as detailed below click on the item to pre-order:-


K2301 Image K2301 GWR Steam Railmotor Dia. R Number 93 (As preserved)  £189.99 (£179.99 for pre-orders)
K2301 Image K2301SF GWR Steam Railmotor Dia. R Number 93 Sound Fitted (As preserved)  £299.99 (£289.99 for pre-orders) 


K2302 Image K2302 GWR Steam Railmotor Dia. R Number 97 (Simplified GWR Chocolate & Cream late 1920s onwards)£189.99 (£179.99 for pre-orders)
K2302 Image K2302SF GWR Steam Railmotor Dia. R Number 97 Sound Fitted (Simplified GWR Chocolate & Cream late 1920s onwards) £299.99 (£289.99 for pre-orders)


 K2303 Image K2303 GWR Steam Railmotor Dia. O Number 63 (GWR Lined Brown 1908 - 1912) £189.99 (£179.99 for pre-orders)
K2303 Image K2303SF GWR Steam Railmotor Dia. O Number 63 Sound Fitted (GWR Lined Brown 1908 - 1912) £299.99 (£289.99 for pre-orders)

K2304 ImageK2304 GWR Steam Railmotor Dia. R Number 85 (GWR Lined Crimson Lake 1912 - 1922) £189.99 (£179.99 for pre-orders)
K2304 ImageK2304SF GWR Steam Railmotor Dia. R Number 85 Sound Fitted (GWR Lined Crimson Lake 1912 - 1922) £299.99 (£289.99 for pre-orders)

K2305 Image K2305 GWR Steam Railmotor Dia. O Number 61 (GWR Fully Lined Chocolate & Cream 1903 - 1908) £189.99 (£179.99 for pre-orders)
K2305 Image K2305SF GWR Steam Railmotor Dia. O Number 61 Sound Fitted (GWR Fully Lined Chocolate & Cream 1903 - 1908) £299.99 (£289.99 for pre-orders)

Archive Project Updates

Project update – 20th September 2022

We have now received, last week, all five livery decorated samples (delayed slightly due to a further Covid related restriction within China) decorated samples of each livery to evaluate along with checking the minor tooling amendments.

And a brief video to show the lovely valve gear in action

Project update – 29th March 2022 

Since our last project update work has been continuing behind the scenes to fully test and evaluate the 1st Engineering Prototypes (EPs) and compile the livery artwork from research and continued, grateful assistance, from the Great Western Society Steam Railmotor project team.

Following the testing and evaluation of the EPs we have been working with the factory to undertake some tooling adjustments to make some minor aesthetic, running, and manufacturing changes along with improvements to the lighting. Running is very quiet and powerful and far out performs what the full-size prototype could achieve. For those operating on DCC the specification has also been upgraded to include a Plux22 socket as standard.

The complex livery artwork, as shewn below, has been completed and approved. Externally, the artwork includes all the intricate panel lining, motifs, supporting logos, solebar lettering and power bogie number plates where appropriate and relevant for each livery. Internally, the seat colours will be relevant to those used depending on the time period; drivers controls in each cab along with the boiler, the copper / lagged pipework, and pressure gauge will be faithfully coloured / printed. The individual model artwork can be seen on each versions product page, click here for links to each version.

The artwork also includes the additional destination boards that will be included with each specific version, approximately based on their allocation appropriate to the livery period.

GWR Railmotor Livery Artwork


Project Update - 26th July 2021

We have received the first engineering prototypes of the GWR Steam Railmotor and these are being fully evaulated and tested. 
The models have electrical pickups on all wheels, they have full working valve gear including the radius rod and piston valve stem. The 1020 coerless motor is positioned vertically completely hidden inside the actual boiler of the power bogie. They have working directional oil lamps and interior lights. The models will be DCC ready with a Plux22  decoder socket and 28mm speaker preinstalled. 
We have already identified a smalll number of minor issues to amend, initial runninng tests show that they run very quietly and smoothly and the valve gear is a joy to watch in action
The livery artwork is underway concurrent with testing these EPs and we hope to see decorated samples in due course, we should then be in a position to start to arrange production. 

The tooling allows for both the Diagram ‘O’ type and the Diagram ‘R’ type Steam Railmotors to be produced in five versions, as listed below. The diagram O type most obvious differences from the diagram ‘R’ are the larger boiler room windows, double leaf passenger doors and ‘Fishbelly’ rather than ‘Equalising’ bogies. GWR Steam Railmotor EP1

Click here for details of the versions available

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Project Update - June 2021

We have received images of the first impressions off the the tooling. The first Engineering Prototypes have been assembled and will be with us for review and testing very soon. 

Pictures of the first impressions of some of the plastic parts can be seen below.

GWR Railmotor GWR Railmotor

The diecast power bogie, where the motor will be concealed verticaly within the Railmotor's boiler can be seen below. 

GWR Railmotor

We will provide a further update once the full Engineering Prototype is received. Click here for details of the versions available.

Project Update - March 2021

Tooling is still in progress and we await the first impressions soon. Please note that the prices and new pre-order prices have increased slightly to £179.99 and for pre-orders £169.99.
We will contact customers who placed their orders prior to 15th March 2021 about their pricing and payment for pre-orders in due course.

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Project Update - October 2020 - Final CADs Approved for Tooling.

We have received what the final CADs for our GWR Steam Railmotor project. The tooling will allow for both the Diagram ‘O’ type and the Diagram ‘R’ type Steam Railmotors to be produced The  most obvious differences between the diagram O and the diagram ‘R’ are the larger boiler room windows, double leaf passenger doors and ‘Fishbelly’ rather than ‘Equalising’ bogies. The CADs illustrated below had a couple of final ammendments before we approived the to ebable tooling to commence.  

Diagram O

GWR Railmotor

Diagram R

GWR Railmotor

GWR Railmotor

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Project Update - January 2020 - Fifth CADs.

One of our busiest December's on record followed by the Hornby Previews means we have only just had chance to give this update.  CAD images below of the latest version, which we believe is now virtually complete.

GWR Railmotor CAD Image

Project Update - July 2019 - Third CADS received

The third CADS have been received.  These have yet to be fully checked although many of the issues we have raised have been corrected.  There are a couple of minor issues with the water tank gauge and some front end details for example and we will not proceed to tooling until all issues have been resolved.  Some screen captures below show the latest CAD

GWR Railmotor CAD Image
GWR Railmotor CAD Image

 Project Update - November 2018 - Second CADS received

Just in time for Warley, the second CADS have been received.  These have yet to be checked and it is unlikely we will have time to do this prior to Warley next week.  Some screen captures below show the latest CAD.

GWR Railmotor CAD Image

Project Update - November 2017 - First CADS received

Just in time for Warley, the first CADS have been received.  These are not yet complete but show progress to date.

Railmotor First Cad

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Project Update - November 2016

The laser scanning has been completed and work can now start on the CADs.  Image below shows the laser scanner in action, under the supervision of Assistant Manager Sam

GWR Railmotor Laser Scanning Image

Laser Scanner Close Up Image

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