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KMRC Skrifa - Projects Update - June 2021

Author: Graham Muspratt

Not a very exciting title we know, but a common theme among many requests was to place each of our projects into the various stages of development.  You can check our previous KMRC Skrifa post here if you want a more detailed explanation of the various stages.

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Initial Thoughts

All of our announced products are well beyond this stage! 

Initial research

All of our announced products are well beyond this stage as well!  Many of the models that have been suggested to us following the last update are actually at this stage, although perhaps slightly worryingly there are a couple of projects which are quite well advanced that were not mentioned at all!

Detailed research

We have a number of projects yet to be announced at this stage, as we are now trying to make announcements on future projects when they are much further into the process and nearer to the actual delivery of the project.

More detailed research

Once have completed our detailed research we keep looking and checking for additional information and sources. We may at this stage also seek the confidential assistance of experts in the field of the model being produced.


Creating a set of Computer Aided Design (CAD) drawings from the available research information is a key step and takes time and many iterations.

We have a number of projects yet to be announced at this stage, sorry to be a tease...


Translating the CADs into tooling is a specialist, time consuming and costly stage of the process.

As with the Design stage we have a number of yet to be announced projects at this stage. 

Engineering Prototypes (EP)

The first impressions from the tooling are assembled to check for accurate and correct fit of all the parts and to enable  running performance testing. A model can sometimes need more than one EP before approval for production can be given.

The GWR Steam Railmotor in 00 is at this stage. 

Livery Samples

The PWM diesel in 00, and Class 45/1 in 00  are at this stage and we await the decorated samples in due course. 
We have received and approved the livery sample of our Mammoth Class 47 D1670 in 0.


The LSWR Road Van in 00 has now completed this stage and are being shipped to us. They are expected to arrive with us at the beginning of July 2021.

In Stock

We are pleased to advise that the following Exclusive Limited Editions are in stock: 

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What do you think?  Get in touch with your thoughts, suggestions for future post or suggestions for future models!

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