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This section gives details of our in stock limited edition models and progress on our forthcoming limited editions. Please click on the images to see more information and to place pre-orders or to purchase.Updates will also be announced in our weekly newsletter here

Exclusive Limited Editions - OO Gauge

Some models have their own dedicated web page so please click on each model to be directed to their special individual page.

The following models are currently in stock:


Class 47 Class 47
Class 47
31-650L "Mammoth" Class 47...£149.99
31-650LDC Class 47 - DCC Fitted...£169.99
31-650LDS Class 47 - DCC Sound Fitted...£249.99
31-650Q Class 47 Police...£149.99
31-650QDC Class 47 Police - DCC Fitted...£169.99
31-650QDS Class 47 Police - DCC Sound Fitted...£249.99
31-651Z Class 47 "Midland Counties"...£149.99
31-651ZDC Class 47 "Midland Counties" - DCC Fitted...£169.99
31-651ZDS Class 47 "Midland Counties" - DCC Sound Fitted...£249.99
Class 47 Class 43 Class 37
31-653Z Class 47 Scotrail NSE weathered...£159.99
31-653ZDC Class 47 Scotrail NSE weathered - DCC Fitted...£179.99
31-653ZDS Class 47 Scotrail NSE weathered - DCC Sound...£259.99
32-066Z Class 43 Warship "Sprightly"...£164.95
32-066ZDC Class 43 Warship "Sprightly" - DCC Fitted...£184.95
32-384Z Class 37...£139.99
32-384ZDC Class 37 - DCC Fitted...£164.99
32-384ZDS Class 37 - DCC Sound Fitted...£249.99
Class 66 Class 57 Class 37
32-727W Class 66 "Sorrento"...£169.95
32-727WDC Class 66 "Sorrento" - DCC Fitted...£189.95
32-727WDS Class 66 "Sorrento" - DCC Sound...£279.95
32-762Z Class 57...£169.95
32-762ZDC Class 57 - DCC Fitted...£189.95
32-762ZDS Class 57 - DCC Sound Fitted...£269.95
32-777W Class 37 "John Tiley"...£159.99
32-777W Class 37 "John Tiley" - DCC Fitted...£159.99
32-777WDS Class 37 "John Tiley" - DCC Sound Fitted...£259.99
 Class 37  Class 66  Class 47

32-780U Class 37...£149.99
32-780UDC Class 37 - DCC Fitted...£169.99
32-780UDS Class 37 - DCC Sound Fitted...£249.99
32-976Z Class 66...£174.95
32-976ZDC Class 66 - DCC Fitted...£194.95
32-976ZDS Class 66 - DCC Sound Fitted...£274.95 
 32-816Z Class 47 "The Sapper"...£159.99
32-816ZDC Class 47 - DCC Fitted...£179.99
32-816ZDS Class 47 - DCC Sound Fitted...£259.99


Beattie K2058
K2056 Beattie Well Tank...£109.99
K2056DC Beattie Well Tank - DCC Fitted...£129.99
K2058 Beattie Well Tank...£109.99
K2058DC Beattie Well Tank - DCC Fitted...£129.99
O2 O2 O2
K2101 Class O2 "Calbourne"...£124.99 K2102 Class O2 "Ventnor"...£124.99 K2103 Class O2 No. 30182...£124.99

K2104 Class O2 No. 30225...£124.99 K2105 Class O2 No. 225...£124.99 K2106 Class O2 No. 30193...£124.99
Class 71 Class 71 Class 71
OO71-097 Class 71 No E5002, weathered...£144.95 OO71-098 Class 71 No E5019, weathered...£144.95 OO71-099 Class 71 No 71 008, weathered...£144.95




20 Ton Brake Van 20 Ton Brake Van 20 Ton Toad Brake Van
33-300W 20 Ton Toad Brake Van...£16.99 33-300X 20 Ton Toad Brake Van...£15.99 33-300Y 20 Ton Toad Brake Van...£15.99

25 Ton Queen Mary

25 Ton Queen Mary

20 Ton Brake Van
 33-825X 25 Ton Queen Mary Brake Van...£24.95 33-825Y 25 Ton Queen Mary Brake Van...£24.95  37-537Y 20 Ton Brake Van, weathered...£24.95
29 Tonne Ex VDA Delabole Slate High Sided Steel Wagon
 38-140X 29 Ton Ex VDA Sliding Door Box Van...£32.95 38-260Y Delabole Slate Presflo Wagon Triple Pack...£49.99 38-326Z High Sided Steel Wagon...£24.95
High Sided Steel Wagon    
38-328Z High Sided Steel Wagon...£24.95    

WAGONS - DJ Models

ZAA Pike SPA Open Wagon SPA Open Wagon

DOGFISH - Heljan

Dogfish Dogfish Dogfish
K4101 Dogfish BR Black weathered...£99.99 K4102 Dogfish BR Green weathered...£99.99
K4103 Dogfish Dutch weathered...£99.99

COACHES - Bachmann

Cornish Riviera Network SouthEast ScotRail
39-000G Cornish Riviera Coach Pack...£114.99 39-001T Network SouthEast Mk2 Coach Pack...£59.99 39-001U ScotRail Mk2 Coach Pack...£59.99
BR Mk1 BR Mk2a BR Mk2a
39-273Z BR Mk1 GUV Coach...£44.95 39-380Z BR Mk2a BSO Coach...£29.99 39-411Y BR Mk2a BFK Coach...£29.99


Cornish Roundhouse Cornish Roundhouse Walls GWR Type 7
44-007Z Cornish Roundhouse...£69.99 44-008Z Cornish Roundhouse External Walls...£27.99 44-011X GWR Type 7 Signal Box...£59.99
LSWR Type 3 China Clay Dries China Clay Dries Chimney
44-011Z LSWR Type 3 Signal Box SR...£44.99 44-059Z China Clay Dries...£73.95 44-060Z China Clay Dries Chimney...£43.95
LSWR Brick Signal Box Single Track Engine Shed GWR Water Tower
44-061Z LSWR Brick Signal Box...£29.99 44-062Y Single Track Stone Engine House...£59.99 44-097Z GWR Water Tower...£49.99
SR Boom Water Column Cornish Terraced Cottages Holmans Compressor
44-120Z SR Boom Water Column & Arm...£22.99 44-125Z Cornish Stone Cottages ...£39.95 44-500Y Holman Compair Compressor...£19.99

The following OO gauge models are currently under development with pre-orders available:

4-TC GWR 1361 Steam Railmotor
Bachmann Class 491 4-TC GWR Saddle Tank Steam Locomotives GWR Steam Railmotor
Gate Stock LSWR 10 Ton Warship
LSWR Gate Stock Push-Pull Sets LSWR Road Van Warship Diesel Locomotives
Bullied Class 117  JIA TIGER weathered
Bulleid 1-Co-Co-1 Diesel Locomotives WR Suburban DMU JIA TIGER, weathered


Exclusive Limited Editions - N Gauge

The following models are currently in stock:

Class 37 MK1 GUV China Clay 5 Plank
371-465Z Class 37 "William Cookworthy"...£129.95 374-130Z Mk1 GUV Parcels Express...£34.99 377-475Z China Clay Wagon Triple Pack...£34.99
China Clay 5 Plank China Clay 5 Plank  
377-476Z China Clay Wagon Triple Pack...£34.99 377-490Z China Clay Wagon Triple Pack...£46.99  

Exclusive Limited Editions - O Gauge

The following model is currently in stock:

7 Plank Wagon
K7071 Dapol 7 Plank Open Wagon...£49.95