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KMRC Skrifa – SR Isle of Wight Steam Engine Head Signals

As detaled on our Skrifa post here, the Southern Railway / Region used Head Signals in six standard positions (unlike the four positions of the standard head codes used elsewhere) with white 15" diameter discs or lamps at night to denote the route of the train.

This post provides an overview of the Engine Headsignals as used in the Isle of Wight, and therefore suitable for use with our Adams O2 0-4-4 tanks, now also released under the EFE Rail brand, and the Isle of Wight versons of the Hornby A1X Terrier 0-6-0 tanks.

15" scale discs are included within the the accessory pack with all versions of our Adams O2 0-4-4 tanks.

Due to the fewer routes on the Island only four positons were used, and therefore, unlike other Southern Railway / Region locomotives, lamps irons were only fitted on the bufferbeam above each buffer and centre and also one top middle of the smokebox. 

SR Engine Headsignals SR Engine Headsignals SR Engine Headsignals
1 2 3

Ryde to Ventnor
Freshwater to Newport

Ryde to Ventnor - Fast
(Limited Stop)

Cowes to Newport to Ryde
 SR Engine Headsignals  SR Engine Headsignals SR Engine Headsignals 
4 5 6

Sandown to Newport & Cowes
Cowes to Ventnor via Sandown
Brading to Bembridge
(post 1936)

Newport & Merstone to
Ventnor West

Brading to Bembridge
(Up to 1936) 

 SR Engine Headsignals  SR Engine Headsignals  
7 8  

Newport to Cowes 
(observed post 1948)

Brading to Bembridge
(Occassionaly observed
up to 1936) 


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