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KMRC Skrifa – Modelling the BR diesels Green to blue period

This subject of locomotive liveries especially between the mid 1960s and early 1970s can get very complicated and as with all aspects on railway modelling it is always best to refer to photographs whenever possible.

The original livery for the diesels was black with a silver waistband strip but this was replaced by versions of green from 1956.

Diesels were originally numbered with a D prefix to a four digit number (electric locos had an E prefix) after the end of steam in 1968 the Prefixes were dropped. British Rail then introduced the now familiar Total Operations Processing System (TOPS) numbering system in 1973 that saw all the rolling stock renumbered and their records, such as maintenance etc., computorised.

The BR green livery both all over green and two tone green started to give way to the new corporate blue in 1966. Yellow front end warning panels also varied. Some locos had small yellow panels (SYP); others gained full yellow ends (FYE) both and either in green or blue.
Many green locos had the D painted out; others did not.
Early blue repaints kept the prefix whilst later ones did not have it. Some early blue locos later had the D painted out. Therefore from 1968 until the beginning of TOPS in 1973 locos were green or blue, with small yellow panels or full yellow ends and with or without the D prefix.

This means you can justify running plain green, two tone green locomotives running alongside blue Dxxxx numbered or even TOPS numbered locomotives especially with a little research to choose the respective numbers carefully.

00 Gauge

 E84001 EFE Rail Hymek Diesel Locomotive number D7005 in BR green An example of the two tone green livery is this Hymek BoBo in the EFE Range with no yellow warning panel. 

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 32-441 Bachmann Class 24 Diesel Locomotive number D5149
An example of the plain green livery with Small Yellow Front end is this Bachmann  Class 24 as D5149.

 31-650L Bachmann Class 47 Diesel Locomotive number D1670
This Bachmann Class 47 as D1500 produced as an Exclusive Limited Edition for KMRC as D1670 ‘Mamouth’ shows off its two tone green with Small Yellow Front end livery.

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 2539 Heljan Class 25/3 Diesel Locomotive number D7672

A final green version is this Class 25/3 D7672 in two ton green with a Full Yellow Front end.

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K2605 Class 41 Warship Diesel Locomotive number D602
Our very own Exclusive KMRC Class 41 Warship D602 is a example of the less  common and early corporate blue livery with Small Yellow Front end.

The rest of our other Exclusive Class 41 Warships diesels in green and blue liveries  can be seen here>>

 2711 Heljan Class 27 Diesel Locomotive number 5373
Another Heljan model this time a Class 27 in the standard corporate blue livery with Full yellow Front end and four digit number 5373 without the D prefix.

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 R3746 Hornby Class 31 A1A-A1A Diesel Locomotive 31 102
An example of the standard corporate blue livery with Full yellow Front end and TOPS number is this Hornby Class31 as 31102

She was renumbered from 5520 with her new TOPS number 31 102 in February 1974.

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N Gauge

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