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KMRC Skrifa – Southern Region EMUs

Author: Graham Muspratt

The much awaited Bachmann 2-HAP Electric Multiple Units (EMU) have now arrived,  in this post we explore the background of the Southern Region EMUs currently available from Bachmann in 00 gauge.

2-HAP Class 414

The initial 2-HAP EMUs, later class 414/3 were introduced in 1957 to the new standard BR design for 90mph units. They were a effectively modernised version of the earlier 2-HAL EMUs but with Electro-pneumatic brakes. The naming convention continued the Southern’s apparent fascination with Lavatories in their unit naming with as like the 2-HAL (Half A Lavatory) only one car of the 2_HAP likewise having a lavatory and therefore stood for a 2 car Half A lavatory with electro Pneumatic brakes.
The Bachmann models represent those from the second batch of 63 units, numbered 6043 to 6105, built in 1958 and were part of Phase 1 of the Kent Coast Electrification scheme. In the early eighties a number of the units were permanently coupled together to form 4-CAP units. The 2-HAP unit that were still surviving by 1987 were renumbered into the 4301 – 4322 series and some lasted into the early 1990s.

31-390 WSL Bachmann Class 414 2-HAP 6061 BR Green as she carried when first introduced and gaining a small yellow warning panel in the mid 1960s £220.99

31-391 Bachmann Class 414 2-HAP EMU Set number 6063 in blue and grey livery as she carried between 1982 and 1987 £220.99

31-392 Bachmann Class 414 2-HAP EMU Set number 4308 (previously 6077) in Network South East livery as she carried post 1987 £220.99

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2-EPB Class 416

Built between 1954 and 1958 the 2 car Electro Pneumatic Brake suburban units were numbered 5701 to 5795 and were utilised with 4 car unt in the SE Division and also singly on the South London lines. After 1958 the units suffered bogie issues and a modification programme was undertaken to rebuild them and they were subsequently replaced again from 1986. They were fitted with air horns from mid 1963. The units were originally allocated the TOPS class 413 but changed to 416 in 1975. With some units being disbanded and formations changed the units were renumbered into the 6202 to 6279 range during 1984/5. Units started to be withdrawn in numbers early in 1993 following the delivery of new Class 465 /466 ‘Networker’ units, the last 2 EPB units surviving into January 1995.

31-380 Bachmann Class 416 2-EPB 2 Car EMU Set number 6262 in BR Blue and Grey with network South East Branding as she carried from 1982 £126.99

31-380 Bachmann Class 416 2-EPB 2 Car EMU Set number 6262 in BR Blue and Grey without network South East Branding as she would have been seen early 1982 and weathered. £126.99

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2H Thumpers Class 205

The ‘Thumpers’ were in fact Diesel Electric Multiple Units (DEMU) as the electric traction motors gained their electric power from an on board English Electric 4SRKT diesel engines to allow them to operate on non-electrified lines. Eighteen 2 car units were built in 1957 for use in Hampshire hence the designation 2H. They were basically a diesel version of the 2-HAP. The units were strengthened to 3 cars with the addition of a Trailer Second from 1959 but many were reduced back to 2 cars from 1960. They were renumbered with the full TOPs class code from June 1986. The final units were withdrawn in 2004 as they were replaced on the Uckfield line by Class 171 units. A small number of Units
have been preserved.
31-238A WSL Bachmann Class 205 Thumper DEMU Set number 1122 in blue full yellow ends livery as she carried between March 1969 and June 1983 £212.95

31-239A Bachmann Class 205 Thumper DEMU Set number 205 001(previously set 1101) in Network South East livery as she carried between May 1988 and January 1999 £212.95

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4-CEP Class 411

For the Kent coast electrification scheme over one hundred 4 car Corridor Electro Pneumatic units were built between 1956 and 1963 for fast and semi fast services, with the later units being used on the South Western Division. They originally gained the TOPS code 414 / 421 but were revised to Class 411 in 1975. From 1979 the class was extensively refurbished; some also were reduced to 3 car units. The final 4-CEP was withdrawn in 2005.

31-426C WSL Bachmann Class 411 4-CEP 4-Car EMU 7122 BR SR Green with small yellow panel livery as she carried between 1964 and 1966 £349.99

31-427C WSL Bachmann Class 411 4-CEP 4-Car EMU 7106 in BR Blue and Grey livery as she carried between the end of the 1960s and July 1983 when she was refurbished £382.95

Further reading

If you would like fully comprehensive information on the above EMU types and others on the Southern Region, we fully recommend the excellent Blood and Custard website here>>>

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