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KMRC Skrifa – Underlay, underlay what to use as a track base

Author: Graham Muspratt

In this Skrifa post we look at some of the options of what to use under your trackwork.

For informatation on baseboard building made simple see our Skrifa post here>>>

PECO Foam inlay

If you are using PECO trackwork and want to quickly and easily lay PECO track with a representation of ballast then the PECO foam ballast inlay are available for both their Setrack and Streamline ranges in Code 100 and also N gauge.

The 00 Gauge code 100 range can be seen here >>>

The N Gauge range an be seen here >>>

ST-255 Peco Setrack Right Hand Turnout underlayST-255 Peco Setrack Right Hand Turnout underlay seen left by way of an example

These inlays are designed specifically for the PECO track sections, flexi track and turnout types and also provide sound deadening benefits.

Cork underlay

The use of cork underlay either in sheet or strip form is used by many modellers whom want to create a more realistic representation of ballast using loose applied ballast that is then glued into place. This usually requires to raise the track above the baseboard slightly to achieve the required depth of ballast. Typically cork sheet is used and cut to shape to match the trackwork.

Our cork sheet is available as either:

GM130 1.5mm thick 900mmm x 600mm

GM131 3.2mm thick 900mmm x 600mm

Loose Ballast suitable for use with the Cork sheets and pre cut system below is available in the Woodland Scenics range.

Proses Model Railway Accessories – pre cut cork bed system

A revolutionary, easy way to apply track beds to your layout is now available from Bachmann via their Proses Model Railway Accessories brand. These laser pre-Cut 00 gauge scale cork-beds that are 2mm thick and suitable for use with UK geometry trackwork such as Hornby, Peco Setrack and Bachmann Branchline standard turnouts, express turnouts, curved turnouts and Y turnouts. For added convenience all the Proses cork-beds are numbered similar to Hornby and Branchline track codes.

CB-Start Proses Over 140 pcs Pre-Cut Cork Beds (+40 Meters) Image CB-Start Proses Over 140 pcs Pre-Cut Cork Beds (+40 Meters) is a great starter pack

The 2mm thickness is perfect for ballast laying and the edges are not beveled intentionally to prevent the ballast sluipping down on beveled edges before gluing.

Ballast and ballast/glue spreaders are also available from Proses to make the application of loose ballast even easier see here>>> 

Cherck out the Proses instructional videos here:

Part 1Part 2, Part 3

Part 4 - a useful comparison between systems


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See the table below for the full compatibility of the individual items.

Proses Item No.


Hornby Track Reference

Bachmann Track Reference

Peco Track Reference

CB Flex

10 x flexitrack lengths

R621 / R8090




 10 x Pre-Cut Cork Bed for Straight Tracks

R600 / R601

36-600 / 36 601

ST- 200 / ST201


10 x Pre-Cut Cork Bed for R1 Curved Track

R604 and R605

36-604 and 36-605

ST-220 and ST-221


10 x Pre-Cut Cork Bed for R2 Curved Track 

R606 and R607

36-606 and 36-607

ST-225 and ST-226


10 x Pre-Cut Cork Bed for R3 Curved Track

R608 and R609

36-608 and 36-609

ST-230 and ST-231


10 x Pre-Cut Cork Bed for Short Straight Track





 10 x Pre-Cut Cork Bed for diamond crossings

R614 and R615



10 x Pre-Cut Cork Bed for Curved Track 





 10 x Pre-Cut Cork Bed for R2 Curved Track





10 x Pre-Cut Cork Bed for Standard turnouts

R8072 and R8073

 HT8302 and HT8304

36-870 and 36-871 and 36-872 and 36-873

ST-240 and ST241


 10 x Pre-Cut Cork Bed for Curve turnouts

R8074 and R8075

36-874 and 36-875

ST-244 and ST-245


10 x Pre-Cut Cork Bed for Y turnouts 





10 X Pre-Cut Cork Bed for Express turnouts

R8077 and R8078

36-877 and 36-878



 10 X Pre-Cut Cork Bed for R4 Curve Track

R8261 and R8262



Once you trackwork is laid on your choice of underlay you can move on to the scenics, to read out Skrifa post on using Woodland Scenics to create a diaroma click here>>>

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