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4S-006-020D Dapol 14XX Steam Loco - 1405 - BR Black

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4S-006-020D Dapol 14XX Steam Loco - 1405 - BR Black with early emblem

Dapol say "The 48XX and 58xx was designed to replace the earlier 19th century George Armstrong Wolverhampton 517 class. Charles Collett improved the design with new higher pressure boilers and an improved cab. A total of 75 14xx were built with auto gear for working with trailer cars and when introduced were numbered 48xx to 4874 with 20 non auto fitted 58xx class constructed for general purpose traffic. The first locomotives entered service in 1932, with most running into the 1960s. The 4800 with autocoach meant the locomotive could be controlled from there which negated the requirement to run the locomotive round at the end of the journey. This format was known as a push-pull train. After the war experiments with oil firing of the 28xx class would be renumbered in the 48xx class, therefore the original 48xx class were renumbered 1400 to 1474. Four members of the class have been preserved 1420, 1442. 1450 and 1466.

General Specification

The locomotive will have all of the usual refinements that are expected to be found on all Dapol models including:

• Diecast chassis, running plate, wheels (with metal tyres) boiler and fire box

• Fully compensated chassis

• Detailed cab interior

• Bunker steps for the post 1936 examples

• Removable cab roof (held in place with magnets)

• Two footplate styles to represent the 48xx & 58xx, one or two footsteps on the front steps

• Collett sprung straight shank buffers

• High level of separately added details

• Representation of internal motion

• Topfeed where appropriate

• Expertly applied liveries

• Printed number plates with etched plates in the accessory pack

Technical Specification

• A slide in PCB offers simple ‘tool-free’ installation of a NEXT-18 DCC decoder and a ’no-solder’ speaker connection. This board slides through the smoke box door and connects directly to the locomotive mother board. • Firebox glow (synchronised with sound*)

• High quality coreless motor

• Enhance your driving experience with our feature RealDrive*

* Factory fitted models only

New release - pre-orders invited - expected during 4th Quarter 2025. preauthkernow

4S-006-020D Dapol 14XX Steam Loco - 1405 - BR Black
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