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10330 Lenz Silver Direct Loco Decoder
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10330 Lenz Silver Direct Loco Decoder

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10330 Lenz Silver Direct Loco Decoder.

A special decoder for locomotives equipped with a 8-pin NEM652-interface. The decoder pins are located directly on the circuit board and the decoder is simply plugged onto the interface. It doesn't get much easier! Thanks to the small dimensions, the decoder may be easily installed in a variety of locomotives

Motor current 1amp continuous, 1.8 amp maximum, NEM 652 Plug Connection, 4 Function outputs, Dimensions 18mm length x13mm wide x 3.5mm height. Load capacity 4 x 100mA.

The new silver series decoders revolutionize decoder technology.


Motor control

The decoder has a high-frequency control (23kHz) with Back EMF. To adapt it to the type of locomotive used, you can simply choose between different motor types. These individual motor types include parameter sets which have been specially adapted to the respective models. Moreover, it is also possible to carry out fine-tuning via various CVs. Of course you can switch off both the high-frequency control as well as the control system itself. The minimum, maximum and mid speed can be set; the decoder adapts the characteristic speed line dynamically to ensure a steady, smooth curve. Independently of this, it is also possible to program an individual characteristic speed line. You can use up to 128 running notches.


We have defined the continuous or maximum current-carrying capacities of the GOLD decoder motor outputs. The continuous load is achieved without special installation of heat sinks or other cooling methods

Overload protection

The decoders are protected against overloading, short circuits and overheating.

Starting and braking delay

The starting and braking delays can be set independently of each other. These delays can be enabled and disabled via a function by pressing the key (default setting function 4) of the digital system once.

Constant braking distance

A special feature of the GOLD decoder provides for a constant braking distance independent of the current speed of the locomotive. This feature is important for model railway operators who install automatic stopping sections in their layouts.

Shunting speed

The shunting speed can be set via a function; (default setting function 3) it halves the speed.

ABC = simple signal stop and slow approach

You can carry out a particularly simple signal stop using the ABC braking module e. g. the BM1 module. Combined with the constant braking distance, precise on-the-spot stopping in front of red signals is not a problem. The signal indication "Slow approach/Caution" does not pose a problem; the respective speed can be set via a CV in the decoder. You can operate all functions during the signal stop or slow approach - you can even reverse away again from the red signal. The special ABC modules BM3 can be used to assemble a block section of any desired length.

Push-pull train control

A push-pull train control can be set if the ABC braking module BM2 is used. There are two different options: push-pull operation with and without intermediate stops. The latter also takes slow-approach sections into account. The stopping time at the end of the track and at the intermediate stops is set at between 1 and 255 seconds via a CV.

Function outputs

Four function outputs can be mapped to the functions of the digital system according to NMRA.

Lighting effects

Different lighting effects can be set at the four function outputs:

Setting the brightness (dimming), can be switched via a function as desired

Mars light

Gyra light

Strobe and double strobe

Different settings for random flickering (ideal for a steam locomotive fire box)


The SILVER series will replace the following decoders :

LE1025 - Item-no. 10133

LE1024A - Item-no. 10210

LE1024E - Item-no. 10211

10330 Lenz Silver Direct Loco Decoder
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