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EFE Road announces new London Routemaster models

Contributed by: Graham Muspratt

15 Apr 2024 00:00am

Bachmann Europe Plc have announced unveiled four new 1:76 scale Routemaster buses as part of its expanding EFE Road range of diecast collectables.
E41702 EFE Road AEC Routemaster RM1127 London Transport image
The announcement was made to mark 70 years since the very first Routemaster prototype, RM1, was unveiled to the world in 1954. Development had started in 1947, with design by London Transport (LT), and construction being undertaken at LT’s Chiswick Works, assisted by Park Royal Vehicles using mechanical units provided by sister company AEC. The Routemaster was intended offer a vehicle that was lighter and had a greater seating capacity than its predecessor, the RT, while at the same time being easier to operate and maintain.
E41703 EFE Road AEC Routemaster RM1546 London Transport image
The first production examples entered service in 1959, and from then until 1968, some 2,876 Routemasters of varying types and configurations were constructed, becoming as synonymous with the streets of London as the ubiquitous black cab. In 2006 the Routemaster was voted one of the top 10 British design icons, sharing the honour with the Supermarine Spitfire, K2 telephone kiosk, the London Underground map, and Concorde.
E41704 EFE Road AEC Routemaster Confidence Bus WLT655 image
The four new EFE Road models represent examples of this iconic type during various stages of their extensive careers. They are the first to be produced using EFE Road’s newly refined Routemaster tooling, and now feature such enhancements as bodyside panel lines and highly detailed liveries and advertisements.

The four new models are:
E41701 - RM8 (VLT8) in London Transport Red with Solid White Roundel, working on Route 21 to Sidcup Garage, circa 1976.
E41702 - RM1127 (127CLT) in London Transport Red with ‘Open’ style Roundel, working on Route 90B to Fulwell Garage, circa 1972.
E41703 - RM1546 (546CLT) in London Transport Red with Solid White Roundel, working from New Cross garage on Night Route N82 Woolwich Arsenal Station.
E41704 – WLT655 (formerly RM655) in its Confidence Bus (Leicester) livery of black and light battleship grey, as preserved with Special Service 00 blinds.

The four models above can be pre-ordered now, by clicking the links above, and are due for delivery in July 2024.

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