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KMRC Skrifa - Scenecraft shows you how -  Using Woodland Scenics to create a diorama


Woodland Scenics Diorama

With many people turning to modelling during these unusual times, look no further than the Woodland Scenics range to provide hours of scenic modelling fun! Whether you are looking to detail and improve an existing layout or diorama, or start a brand new project from scratch, the Woodland Scenics range of model scenery products offer everything you need to build a layout, diorama, display or other project from base to landscape.

Woodland Scenics has put together this step by step guide to creating a diorama, as pictured above, to show how easy and enjoyable it is - with video tutorials for each stage of the process. Apart from the buildings featured, this entire diorama has been achieved by using only Woodland Scenics products.

If you would like to add a building, or two, then take a look at the OO gauge Bachmann Scenecraft range here, or the  N gauge Graham Farish Scenecraft range here.

Step 1: Form Your Base
Image C1178 Woodland Scenics Shaper Sheet 9in x 72in £15.50
Image C1180 Woodland Scenics Shaper Sheet Plaster 1/2 Gal £13.50
Image C1215 Woodland Scenics Earth Colour Kit £19.25
Image C1271 Woodland Scenics Talus Medium Buff £4.80
Image C1241 Woodland Scenics Layered Rock 5in.x 7in. Rock Moulds £9.55
Image C1202 Woodland Scenics Mold-A-Scene Plaster £13.50

Choose between:
Image C1140 Woodland Scenics Surface Ready Rocks £18.75

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Click here for instructional videos by Woodland Scenics, on: 
Shaper Sheet
Ready Rocks
Modelling Rock Formations
Earth Colours.

Shaper Sheet

Applying Shaper Sheet Plaster to Woodland Scenics Shaper Sheet

Adding Rocks

Add rocks & terrain before applying your Earth Colours Liquid Pigments base colour

Step 2:  Add Colour & Dimension

Image T44 Woodland Scenics Fine Turf Burnt Grass bag £3.85
Image T64 Woodland Scenics Coarse Turf Medium Green bag £3.85
Image S191 Woodland Scenics Scenic Cement 16oz £9.55
Image FC683 Woodland Scenics Clump-Foliage Medium Green £7.65
Image F51 Woodland Scenics Foliage Light Green 60 sq in £5.75

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Click here for instructional videos by Woodland Scenics, on: 
Easily Model Realistic Ground Cover
Fine Turf
Course Turf
Blended Turf

Scenic Cement

After sprinkling on your base layer of turf lightly spray with Scenic Cement to fix in place

Step 3:  Further Your Realism

Image CW4510 Woodland Scenics Clear Deep Pour Water £28.75
Image CW4520 Woodland Scenics Turquoise Water Tint £5.75
Image C1212 Woodland Scenics Water Effects 8fl oz £17.25
Image FS639 Woodland Scenics Field Grass System Static King £101.00
Image FS629 Woodland Scenics Field Grass System Plant Hues £4.80
Image T48 Woodland Scenics Field Grass System Flowers in 4 colours £4.80
Image FS646 Woodland Scenics Field Grass System Accent Shakers £4.80
Image FS645 Woodland Scenics Field Grass System Spray-Tac £7.65
Image WC1288 Woodland Scenics Fine Buff Gravel £5.75
Image C1289 Woodland Scenics Coarse Buff Gravel £5.75
Image S195 Woodland Scenics Hob-e-Tac Adhesive 2fl oz £6.70
Image Static Grass Light Green (available in 2, 4, 7, & 12mm lengths) £4.80 each
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Click the following links for instructional videos, by Woodland Scenics, on: 
Deep Pour Water Clear Water Tints
Surface Waters - Create Movement Effects 
Static Grass - The Field System
How to Accent Tufts of Grass,Model Realistic Flowers
Model Gravel Roads 
Modelling Trees

The Water System

The Water System has been designed to model all bodies of water and their features

Making Trees

Making trees is fun with Realistic Tree Kits - simply bend and tist the armature, apply Hob-E-Tac to the branches and dip in foliage to make your tree

Final Touches

Final touches (such as static grass, trees, flowers and foliage) bring the scene to life

To see all of the Woodland Scenics Range we stock please click here.

Whatever you choose to create - have fun! Remember to send in your layout or diorama during construction and/or the finished article - we would love to see it!


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