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Adams LSWR O2 Steam Locomotive OO Gauge

Designed by William Adams for the London and South Western Railway, 60 of these locomotives were built at Nine Elms Works between 1889 and 1895 primarily for London suburban traffic.  Displaced by more powerful locomotives the O2s were dispersed throughout the LSWR system, their short wheelbase and relatively light weight being particularly suited to restricted branch lines.

As electrification extended and other more modern traction was introduced some examples were transferred to the Isle of Wight.  Despite some early withdrawals the O2s lasted well into BR days when branch line closures left all the remaining mainland locomotives withdrawn by 1962.  On the Isle of Wight they continued in front-line service until withdrawn in December 1966.  Two examples remained to work engineering trains during electrification work, one of which survived to be preserved.  

This preserved example, number 24 "Calbourne", was laser scanned at the Isle of Wight Steam Railway.  The data from this scan, in conjunction with drawings of the original locomotives, allowed us to create accurate models of these popular prototypes, including both types of coal bunker.
The models are produced using tools owned by Kernow Model Rail Centre.

Model of the Year 2016 Image

British Model Railway Awards 2016 Winner - Adams O2 Steam Locomotive
We produced seven versions as detailed below all of which have now sold out.

K2101 DJ Models O2 24 Image
K2101 DJ Models 0-4-4 Class O2 Steam Locomotive number 24 "Calbourne" in BR Black livery with early emblem (SOLD OUT).

K2102 DJ Models O2 16 Image
K2102 DJ Models 0-4-4 Class O2 Steam Locomotive number 16 "Ventnor" in BR Black livery with late crest (SOLD OUT).

K2103 DJ Models O2 30182 Image
K2103 DJ Models 0-4-4 Class O2 Steam Locomotive number 30182 in BR Black livery with early emblem and pull-push equipment (SOLD OUT).

K2104 DJ Models O2 30225 Image
K2104 DJ Models 0-4-4 Class O2 Steam Locomotive number 30225 in BR Black livery with late crest (SOLD OUT )

K2105 DJ Models O2 225 Image
K2105 DJ Models 0-4-4 Class O2 Steam Locomotive number 225 in Southern Black livery SOLD OUT.

K2106 DJ Models O2 30193 image
K2106 DJ Models 0-4-4 Class O2 Steam Locomotive number 30193 in BR Black livery with early emblem  (SOLD OUT).

K2107 DJ Models O2 207 Image
K2107 DJ Models 0-4-4 Class O2 Steam Locomotive number 207 in Southern Railway Maunsell Green livery with pull-push equipment (SOLD OUT).

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History of Development Process

In July 2012 we received the first CAD-CAMS for this model and in November 2012 we received the amended cad-cams.  Not much then happened for a considerable period of time but now that we have terminated the relationship with Dapol (November 2013) and started dealing directly with the factory (in conjunction with Dave Jones of DJ Models) rapid progress has been made.  The latest cads were approved (February 2014) and tooling is complete.  

Livery samples of the Isle of Wight versions (K2101 and K2102) were approved in January 2015 and livery samples of the Mainland versions (K2103 to K2106 inclusive) were received in April 2015 and have been approved.  The livery sample of K2107 was received in June 2015 and has been approved.

The models started production in July 2015 with the first model delivered in September 2015.

You can place your order on-line through our website.

DCC Fitting

We have made upgrading to DCC very simple as shown in the steps below:-

Remove smokebox door (held in place by two small magnets)

DCC Fit Step 1 Image 

Remove circuit board with 6 pin decoder socket from within smokebox

Adams O2 DCC Fit Step 2 Image 


Remove blanking plate and insert decoder

Adams O2 DCC Fit Step 3 Image  

Replace circuit board with decoder fitted into smokebox

Adams O2 DCC Decoder Fit Step 4 Image 


Replace smokebox door

Adams O2 DCC Fit Step 5 Image 

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Manufacturing the Adams O2

The following images and videos show some snapshots of the Adams O2 model being manufactured in China:

Adding bearings and axles to the pony truck:

Bearings image

Manufacturing the chassis:

Assembling the chassis

A video showing the chassis being assembled:

Adding the bearing for the con-rods:

Bearing for con rods

Tampo printing the body lining:

Tampo Printing

Video showing the tampo printing of the Southern logo and numbering on K2105.  This requires four colours to achieve:

Tampo printing the lining.  This is two colours, with the white printed twice to ensure correct density over the black base colour.

Spraying the cab interior:

Paint Spraying

Lots of cab interiors awaiting assembly:

Cab Interior

Adding the handrails to the bodyshell:


Adding the various small details to the bodyshell:

Small details

Lots of part-assembled bodies ready to be added to the chassis:

Part assembled body

Testing the current draw:

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