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R1269 Hornby - Stay at Home Hamper Pack R1269 Hornby - Stay at Home Hamper Pack
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R1269 WSL Hornby - Stay at Home Hamper Pack

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R1269 Hornby - Stay at Home Hamper Pack

Worth over £350 at RRP if purchased individually!

What is the Hornby Family Fun Project?

The Hornby - Family Fun Project is a fantastic way to bring your family together to create a complete, fun-sized layout. The Family Fun Project Starter Pack includes everything you need to build a scenic model railway, plus a step-by-step guide which walks you through how to bring your layout to life. This is the perfect starter pack for young modellers!

What is Included in the Stay at Home Hamper Model Railway Starter Pack?

This amazing set includes:

1 x R3752 - S Wilson Paper Mills  0-4-0 T No  2112 - Era 2 3 1 x R8250 - Analogue Train Controller
1 x R6842 - 21T Mineral Wagon Blaenavon - Era 3 1 x P9000 - Wall mounted transformer
1 x R6422 - North Eastern Box Van - Era 3 1 x R7115 - City People
1 x R4673 - SR Four-wheel Coach - Era 3 1 x R7171 - Scatter - Flower Meadow
2 x R600 - Straight track 1 x R7165 - Ballast - Grey
1 x R601 - Double Straight track 1 x R7174 - Scatter - Brown
1 x R606 - Curve - 2nd Radius track 1 x R7194 - Lichen - Green Mix
8 x R607 - Double Curve - 2nd Radius 1 x R7201 - Hobby Mixed Deciduous and Fir Trees
1 x R8072 - Left Hand Point 1 x R9807 - Modern Bungalow
1 x R8206 - Power Track 1 x R9831 - The Florist
1 x R537 - Lineside Fencing 1 x R9801 - Modern Terraced House
1 x R590 - Station Halt 1 x R9826 - Detached Brick Garage
1 x R083 - Buffer Stop 1 x R8156 - Track Plans Book
1 x R207 - Track Pins

Guide: How To Build Your Hornby Family Fun Project Layout (This is the same process as the Hornby Hamper, albeit with different contents)

The Hornby Family Fun Project has been created to make a model railway layout building as straightforward and as fun as possible.  With this step-by-step video tutorial and guide you will have your family model railway layout up and running in no time.

The Hornby Family Fun Project is designed to be put together by everyone in the family, so these instructions are simple but effective for everyone to follow and achieve amazing results from their own projects.  In addition, this is only a guide, allowing you to let your imagination take your family model railway project wherever your creativity takes it. 

Just remember to take your time as there’s no need to rush and soon you’ll be enjoying your very own model railway layout for the whole family to share.

R1269 WSL Hornby - Stay at Home Hamper Pack
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