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31-238Z K2005 Bachmann Class 205 2-H Thumper Unit number 1122
31-236X K2004 Bachmann Class 205 2-H Thumper Unit number 1121
31-239Z K2001 Bachmann Class 205 2-H Thumper Unit number 205 001
31-236Z Bachmann Class 205 2-H Thumper Unit number 1108
SL-10 Peco Rail Joiners, Nickel Silver Code 100
32-390ZSSA Bachmann Class 37 Diesel Locomotive 37 905 SS BOX
ST-230 Peco Setrack Curved No 3 Radius Standard Unit
31-238ZDS K2005DS Bachmann Class 205 2H Thumper Unit number 1122
UFS-4 Plastruct Fineline Deep U Channel
10 44-182Z Bachmann Scenecraft LSWR Ground Frame Hut - Boscarne Jn

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Award winning OO Gauge Beattie Well Tank - further models announced for delivery towards the end of 2014!

 Beattie Well Tank Picture 

We own the tooling for the LSWR (SR) Beattie Well Tank 2-4-0WT in OO gauge.  Associated for many years with the Wenfordbridge branch while based at Wadebridge these models were commissioned in response to customer demand and each model is unique with all having the differences of the prototype.

This model was initially designed using the very accurate ‘Laser’ scanning technology with the original scan taking place at the Buckinghamshire Railway Centre in 2009.

Following many requests we have decided to produce two more versions of our award-winning Beattie Well Tank models.  We will be using the same upgraded coreless motor that will be incorporated into our Adams O2 models and the economies of scale from this mean we can keep the price of this batch of Well Tanks to £94.99 for pre-orders.  The Well Tank will be produced in the same factory and by the same people in China as previously, which is also the same factory producing our Adams O2 models.  We will be making these Well Tank models to order and guarantee to supply every order placed by 31st August this year.  At this stage we will decide on the final quantity to be produced but there will be at least 250 of each version.  As always, no deposits are required and we do not charge for the models until we are about to despatch the orders.  We will be offering DCC Fitted versions which will have the Gaugemaster DCC 23 Decoder fitted.  We expect delivery by the end of this year and as soon as the models are on the way to us the price will rise to £99.99 for new orders.   See more information on each individual model by clicking on the images below:

K2056 Beattie Well Tank Image 
K2056 DJ Models 2-4-0WT Beattie Well Tank Steam Locomotive number 30587 £99.99 (£94.99 pre-orders)

K2056DC Beattie Well Tank DCC Fitted Image 
K2056DC DJ Models 2-4-0WT Beattie Well Tank Steam Locomotive DCC Fitted £119.99 (£114.99 pre-orders)

K2057 Beattie Well Tank Image 
K2057 DJ Models 2-4-0WT Beattie Well Tank Steam Locomotive number 30586 £99.99 (£94.99 pre-orders)

K2057DC Beattie Well Tank Image 
K2057DC DJ Models 2-4-0WT Beattie Well Tank Steam Locomotive DCC Fitted £119.99 (£114.99 pre-orders)



Five models have been produced in the past, all of which have now sold out: -


K2051 Well Tank Picture
K2051 number 30587 in BR Black with early emblem (Sold out - no more stock available)

K2052 Dapol Well Tank Picture
K2052 number 30586 in BR Black with early emblem (Sold out - no more stock available)

K2053 Dapol Beattie Well Tank picture
K2053 number 30585 in BR Black with late crest (Sold Out - no more stock available)

K2054 Dapol Beattie Well Tank
K2054 number 3329 in Southern Black (Sold out - no more stock available)

K2055 Dapol Beattie Well Tank
K2055 number 3314 in Southern Black with Bulleid Sunshine lettering (Sold out - no more stock available)


Model of the Year logo

We have made upgrading to DCC very simple as shown on the steps below:-

DCC Fitting Picture

Remove smokebox door (held in place by two small magnets)
DCC Fitting Picture

Remove circuit board with 6 pin decoder socket from within smokebox

DCC Fitting Picture

Remove blanking plate and insert decoder

DCC Fitting Picture

DCC Decoder fitted

DCC Fitting Picture

Replace circuit board with decoder fitted into smokebox

DCC Fitting Picture

End on view showing magnets and interior

DCC Fitting Picture

Replace smokebox door

DCC Fitting Picture

Model Rail Model of the Year WINNER 2011


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