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R8144 Hornby RailMaster PC Model Railway Control System

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R8144 Hornby RailMaster PC Model Railway Control System.

Just connect the Elite via the USB port to a PC or laptop and then...The Power of RailMaster is at your finger tips

With RailMaster connected, the power of the Elite can be harnessed like never before. RailMaster is a totally new way to control a model railway.

Control up to 10 locomotives all at the same time*

Any number of locomotives can be set up for use with RailMaster. Each locomotive can be given tailored default settings to suit individual locomotives. For example shunting speed, cruising speed, direction lights and so on. RailMaster also supports Hornby DCC sound locomotives and these functions can be selected quickly and easily from a single control screen or written into programs.

RailMaster has also pre-loaded the names and profiles of many Hornby locos and including those that are no longer listed going back to the 1970s. Other locomotives not already included can be added and their own profile incorporated into the program. All this means running and operating locomotives has never been easier, even consisting (double heading) can be done with the minimum of button pressing.

RailMaster provides the facility to simply program locomotives so that they will follow a series of commands automatically. For example, a train can be set to start from a siding, pick up some coaches, go to the first station, wait, move to the next station and so on. If writing a program seems a little daunting RailMaster incorporates a record function which provides the facility to record the actions of each locomotive as well as the switching of the points in "real time" ready to be "played" back when required.

RailMaster also has the facility for the implementation of a matrix designed layout emulating that of the layout it is connected to. Simple to use the layout can quickly and easily be "constructed" and forms a valuable facility in controlling a busy layout.

Control all of the motorised points on your layout.

RailMaster can also be used to set up any number of points using the Hornby Point and Accessory decoders.

Once they have been configured for use with the Hornby Elite DCC controller the Hornby Accessory Decoders can positioned on the matrix plan of the layout, which can then be called up onto the PC or laptop screen.

Then, by simply clicking with the mouse or if a touch screen is being used, a finger, the red or green buttons on the screen will switch the selected point. Just like a modern signal box.

There is also a feature to automatically set a group of points in one action, for example to set default points for main-line working. Therefore using the built-in programming system, points can be changed, locomotives can be set running and signals can change this providing a fully automated layout.

Finally, if desired RailMaster will automatically set all points to the correct starting positions when first switched on.

Control all signals, whether light or motorised semaphore.

For that added realism RailMaster will also allow the control of motorised semaphore signals or coloured light signal from the PC screen.

Using the built-in programming language, RailMaster can control signals, locomotives and switch points depending on signal settings. Now model railways can be controlled the way they should be - just like the real thing.

R8144 Hornby RailMaster PC Model Railway Control System
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